Monday, December 1, 2014

And it's back to Araucária

Head in the clouds
Dividing edge of the field

Brother Antonio has been investigating the church for 20 years. Now, you ask, Elder how did you convince him? I really didn´t. He started going to church frequently when the new ward opened. We taught and taught, explained and explained, fasted and fasted but it seemed like nothing was getting this guy to accept the truth. Until he had someone give him a motivation. His son has been inactive for 8 years, but has recently returned to the church in another ward in Curitiba. Both of them --Antonio and his son-- had to overcome some Word of Wisdom issues, so they decided to help each other. Through true repentance, the family bond became much greater and Antonio's grandson got baptized as well. Miracles happen, but the never ending principle of patience was pushed to its limits. On the other side of things, our constant missionary exchanges turned out great and our zone was the #1 baptizing zone with 19 at the end of the month.  

Oh yeah, I have to fill everyone in on some news. I got transferred again. This will be my 9th area on the mission and I'm pretty sure the last. I´m opening up a zone in Araucária. Does anyone remember this city from my blog 9 months ago? Well, yeah, I'm back for my last 2 transfers and I am super excited. It was hard to leave Parque da Fonte, but I feel like I learned a ton, from my companions to the members. I made a lot of new friends and found many less actives. We reactivated, baptized, and confirmed.  I grew my personal testimony that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is in the reach of all that search with an open and sincere heart. We, as members, must have the desire to share the gospel. Even if it is in the simplest of ways, the Lord with show us who is searching and needing in the right hours. 

Memories of Parque da Fonte
1. Crazy homeless guy chasing after us and shooting us with his imaginary gun. He thought we were aliens from another planet. 
2. Singing in sacrament meeting. Elder Schirmer and I sang "Nearer My God to Thee" a capella.
3. Bed ridden for 2 weeks. That's a terrible but funny memory because I just talked about life with Elder Nixon because he was sick, too. BTW Elder Nixon finished his mission. 
4. Working with excited members.
5. Making life long friendships. 

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