Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ohio Tomorrow!

Comfy P-day, with Elder Acevedo and Elder Baird

Dear Family and Friends,

I feel so comfy right now. I'm wearing my favorite 49ers shirt, sweat pants I found...don't worry I washed them, and my vans. One day a week to wear regular street clothes may seem crazy but when that day comes around it seems like the best day ever. I don't think I have ever been so happy to just chill out in sweat pants...yup no never.
As you may have heard, my visa has not arrived and I will be serving for who knows how long in the Columbus, Ohio mission. I am sooo pumped and I know that there are people there for me to teach and interact with. I know that the Lord has prepared them and hopefully I will be able to find them. The Field is White and Ready to Harvest. I know it. I will go where I am needed and I will be what the Lord needs me to be. I am so excited. I also had the chance to teach in English about 10 times to one of our teachers since he wasn't a Portuguese speaker and served his mission in Tonga. It was a serious blessing to be able to get those foundations of teaching in my native language. I am so grateful I was able to teach enough and get a partial hang of it since I will solely be speaking English In Ohio. We do get an extra hour for study time in the field since I am a visa waiter, so that will be nice. I don't think I will be able to improve my Portuguese since I wont be hearing any of it there but I hope to keep it from diminishing.. By the way, listening to my other teacher speak in Tongan was super cool. Tongan is one of the coolest languages I have ever heard. Every time I heard him speak Tongan I could only think of Finding Nemo. mountwannahakaloogee.

So this last Sunday I got released from being Zone Leader and it has been nice to not have a bunch of meetings scattered throughout the week. I was actually able to read my scriptures for a solid amount of time on the Sunday I was released. It was a serious blessing. I also finished The Book of Mormon (again) while I have been here. It is so true. I don't know what my life would be like without it. I know that it was written for everyone across the world during these times. I know that it is the world of God and that it is another Testament of Jesus Christ. It doesn't replace the Bible, but it adds on to confirm the truth of the Bible. I love it so much. There are new things I find every single time I read it. It brings me so much joy, happiness, comfort and hope every time. Every time it manifests to me that Jesus is the Christ and he is our Savior. I know that is true and I cannot deny it. I invite all of you to read The Book of Mormon even if it is just a little part because I know that even the smallest parts of The Book of Mormon can bring so much happiness and clarity to your life. ughhh... man I love it so much hahaha. :-)

One of the Zone Leaders' jobs is to check people out when they receive their visas or when their time at the MTC is up. We have received so much candy from departing missionaries.. I'll be honest, I have received so many treats from all you wonderful people and missionaries leaving. It is a pot luck every night in our dorm hall. Elder Hunter's mom makes delicious homemade salsa and we have that every night on the ironing board along with all of the other foods that have arrived in care packages or from missionaries who have left us for the field. Elder Baird's 19th birthday was this past week and we had a sweet party in honor of our re-assignments, Elder Baird's Birthday,  and Elder Shaw's one month anniversary with his girlfriend. :-) She supplied the Martinellis so we had to give her some credit. I'll include some pictures. 

party in the hall

O Homen que só fala esperaça. This essentially translates to the Man that only speaks/gives/passes hope. So since our English speaking teacher left to visit his grandparents in Washington we have had a couple of awesome substitutes. Irmão Pinho was this man who only spoke of hope. Seriously, this brother was so awesome! He was a native Brasileiro so naturally we all asked him questions like, "Is there anything other than rice and beans?" he said no, because everyone is obsessed with it down there and loves it. They feed beans to little babies. It's like they are forced to eat rice and beans from when they are little. As the questions continued we found out he served in our same mission. CURITIBA! He was so excited when he heard that and he started to tell us everything about it. I learned so much more about the language and about the culture. They have so many hand signals for just about everything. You were right mom. There are some funny ones that I will show you when we skype for Mother's day or Christmas. 

Skyping Brasileiros-- The MTC is trying out a whole new learning style as more and more missionaries pour into these great buildings. They let our district be the guinea pigs and let us skype native Brazillians! We had the great opportunity to skype one of Sister Ririe's (our main teacher) companions when she served in the Campinhas mission. It was so great to see how strong the saints are down there and to have the opportunity to share with them a message on faith, all in Portuguese. I was able to share my favorite scripture, Ether 12:27 and talk about how it has changed my life for the good. I love that whole entire chapter. I also encourage everyone reading this to read Ether chapter 12. I love how Moroni gives us hope by telling us that our weaknesses can become strengths if we humble ourselves before the Lord. I love how the scripture really breaks it down how if we are humble and meek the Lord's grace is sufficient to turn our weakness into strengths. It is such a confidence booster. 

Someone tell me how my team is doing.  I miss Baseball a little bit, just a little.
Funny things I do to remind me of home:
I press my left fingers on my  right fingernails so I don't loose my guitar callouses.
I sing as much as possible.
And do funny accents for missionaries who are down in the doldrums. The Russian accent was just unleashed two days ago. I had completely forgotten about it.
Oh and quoting Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller, and Lord of the Rings.
Speaking of rings I got a sweet CTR ring that spins from one of the free boxes. Fun fact for the day. I've really wanted one for a while. 

Alright, well it seems like my time is up. Next time you hear from me I will be in the great state of Ohio only 7-9 hours away from home. It is kinda weird to think about  but I know that is where I am supposed to be until I get my visa.

I love everyone of you and hope to hear more about your lives in letters:-) Peace out and stay sweet.
Elder Forsyth
p.s. totally not related but I felt I should share. A bunch of guys in my zone played beach volleyball during gym with rolled up jeans in honor of Top Gun. That is all.
View of Provo Temple

Friday, April 26, 2013

Columbus Ohio Mission! (until the visa comes)

Note from the editor, i.e. the Mama:  Ian had told me in a separate email that he would be finding out where he was reassigned to serve while he waits for his visa and that he would be able to CALL HOME on either Wed or Thurs night to let me know where he was headed.  I was pretty excited about this. Well, no call on Wed. and no call last night either.  Here's the rest of the story:

So, first off my re-assignment is to the COLUMBUS, OHIO mission!! I am super excited. That mission has the city of Columbus and Cincinnati. Is that where the Falkes live? Maybe I can go to a Reds game per chance. The other really cool thing is that Elder Baird also got re-assigned there, too! It usually doesn't turn out that way. Generally you are split up from your MTC companion which would've stunk. Everyone else who got a re-assignment gets to call home except for those who are going to Ohio because we leave Wednesday and we have a p-day to email home (Tuesday). The system makes no sense. Either allow everyone to call home or everyone the ability to email home before they leave. I didn't have any of it so I went down to the Travel office and pleaded my case. Other missionaries in the past have been able to call home and that is the reason why I told you that I would be able to last night. Turns out we were not able to and I told them what was on my mind and they compromised and allowed me to email home right now so I could let you know. I also got the notice from the information desk that you called wondering why I hadn't called. The travel office is super mean about the itineraries of missionaries but the information desk people were very sweet and very apologetic. So that was a bummer yesterday because I really wanted to talk to you and it was tough to see other missionaries get to call home. They told me it wasn't right to tell you I could call home since I just heard that other missionaries were doing it. I basically told the woman in travel offices that I didn't hear but SAW all the other missionaries call home after they received their visas or reassignments. Even the ones who were able to call home and had a p-day before their departure. Let us just say we fought a battle with the travel office and there may have been casualties. But remember we are the ones who can still type this email to you....sup. I love you momma!! So so so so much. (the editor has removed some descriptive adjectives from the sentences ending in "reassignments" and "casualties.")
Also don't worry about my luggage weight. There are these things called free boxes in the bathrooms here and any items put in them are free to missionary treasure hunters. We have actually found alot of really cool things in them because missionaries don't have enough weight in their bags for everything. So every bag should be under 50 lds..... i mean lbs. missionary nerd status.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 5? Week 6?

 When we have the chance to escape the MTC we use our time wisely by running in the sun. It feels so good. :)
I really cannot remember what week I am in but if I have another week to go I am gonna go with 6 weeks. They really do all blur together. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. It's the MTC time paradox theory that I still don't understand. So to start things off...ELDER MERRILL (from my district...district g-hetto) GOT HIS VISA just 10 minutes ago. He went through the San Francisco consulate. That consulate is just handing them out like candy. Today was miraculous because I think I saw about 10 visas being handed out ....or more. Thats a small percentage compared to the near 4,000 missionaries here but that is more than any other day since I arrived. So the good news is, they are coming and they are coming quick. I really want mine really bad but if I receive a reassignment to Billings Montana or Boise Idaho then I know that is where the Lord needs me to go. But really...I want that visa. So I'm not saying pray for it...I mean you can if you want to, I don't think it will hurt my chances. visa visa visa visa. Our Branch President told us not to say four letter words. At  first when I heard that I thought it was a no brainer...duh, i won't say those bad words. But he was talking about the words dude, guys, and visa. So I just say I want my visa...s so that I am not breaking the rules hahaha. Saying 'hey guys' is a really hard habit to break or dude instead of elder. I struggle with that sometimes and I try to always catch myself. My Branch President rocks, though. I love going to Zone Meetings with him and discussing game plans on how to help our our Branch (Zone). He's super straight forward but loves to laugh and have a good time and get to know us better. He is alot like Dad so it's fun to be around him. :)

We all love each other. We are super tight - like unto a dish - and we all get along so well. It is kinda like we were brothers before this life and all just met up with each other in the MTC. They really are some of the funniest guys that I have met but they all know how to get it together. Whenever any of them bears their testimony mine is strengthened immensely. I have grown more spiritually in these 6 weeks than I have in the last 19 years of my life. It is also weird to think how I'll be 20 in 5 months. I certainly don't feel that old. I still feel 16 or 17...like a baby. 

The infamous Elder Merrill. The man is a stud and flies to Curitiba this next Monday. It is so awesome!!

Popcorn popping on the apricot tree

The food is getting better and doesn't tear up my bowels like it used to. After every lunch I felt like I digested a hedgehog. Are those the soft ones? If not...it felt like a seriously sharp animal. So either the food has improved, or my stomach has become iron, or i just feel crappy all the time and don't realize it. All three. 
Being a zone leader is some pretty fun stuff. But 80 people to keep track of is sometimes pretty strenuous. Scheduling my Branch President interviews for Sundays and finding all the missionaries to contact them is insane sometimes. I am so proud of all my District Leaders. They are on top of things and are solid guys....elders. See i just did it. The meetings with the Branch Presidency are super cool and seeing all of the Elders in my Branch at night time and checking up on them is a really cool experience. 

ELDER SCOTT CAME TO THE MTC. Pre-Devotional all the missionaries were chatting it up and it was that classic white noise effect where you can't really hear any of the conversations around you except for the one near your neighbor. It was very loud but I believe it was for a lesson. Casual conversation carried out by the whole missionary population was followed by the roaring of folding chairs and then silence. I didn't realize it at first but it felt like I stood up involuntarily. The MTC presidency walked in and following behind them was Elder Richard G. Scott. The silence in the gym was indescribable. The Spirit was definitely there and I have never felt so close to heaven (other than the temple). The spirit of love that Elder Scott held was able to touch the hearts of every missionary in the MTC. Even those in the overflow felt it because that was the word on the street for the next couple of days. At the end he gave all those learning a second language an apostolic blessing that we would become masters in our mission language if we were able to have the spirit with us everyday. Worries = gone for everyone. Even those that felt in the absolute doldrums of the learning process gained a new feeling of confidence. It was what a lot of people needed. I loved it. 

Our district gets to use skype next week and we are the first ones to ever test it out. For TRC we get to skype with Member Brasileros and just have some nice conversations with them and then teach them a post-dinner like lesson. I really can't wait for the feedback that they will give us. Here in the MTC we are so isolated and the only way I can find out if I sound even the slightest bit legit is from my teacher and even then I want more grammar and accent correction. So, as you can see I am pumped for this opportunity. It is a serious blessing. Plus we are feeling really cool since we were chosen out of all the Portuguese speakers to use skype as a learning device....sup. Stay humble, Elder stay humble. 

Oh yeah, by the way I already feel like an awkward missionary. Which is good. Every time I hold a conversation with someone it somehow ties into some gospel doctrine or general authority or something. Missionary Nerd Status is upon me. I got to host the newbies last Wednesday and hatch them into the MTC like little chicks. There were so many tears left on the curb that day. Sisters have the crying genes it seems. It was fun to be the first impression of the MTC for some of the new Elders. It is crazy to think that was me only 5 and a half weeks ago. After that Wednesday the MTC is an exact 50/50 split. It is intents...like indians. Dumb joke. 

So thats the recap. I love all of you so much. I am so stoked to find out where I will be going for a little while before I take on Brasil. I find out tomorrow or Thursday and I'll get to call home at night time. So prepare yourself. It will probably be sometime on Thursday. So that means you, mom - keep your cell phone with you por favor. Everyone in my district wants to go to the East coast since everyone is either midwest or west coast I'm the only one from the east. Speaking of which I still get the..."Phillly?!?! No way! Cheesesteaks...am I right? So good, I had one at Subway one time. It was so choice." or "Does Rocky live there?" I say yes everytime. I also get "Oh nice, Philadelphia! What part of the state are you from?" I can't stop laughing. So many people think Philly is a state of the Unites States of America. 

I love all of you.

Elder Ian Forsyth
p.s. stay sweet 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MTC Week 4 - No Visa, but Other Good News


Alright, to accomplish some housekeeping...  Mom, I really do not think I need another pair of shoes because I have my brown boots and then my black super comfy shoes...not dad's. Dad's will probably have to be thrown out soon unless someone can do some resoling. I do need some waterproof ones, I guess, so I request the CTR Clothing Hush puppies (waterproof). Elder Stewart has some and they are super comfortable. I also have been getting your ooey gooey butter cake and other sweets. Thank you so much and I am sorry for not responding to them. Learning another language is tough.

Throughout my time at the MTC I have been really trying to study how I can prepare myself to everyday be fully in tune with the Holy Ghost. As I have studied I have learned so much. Every night I pray that my heart can be ready for inspiration from the spirit and that I can be the Lord's vessel in carrying out his work through service. It is interesting to see how sensitive the Spirit is. When our classroom gets the slightest bit rowdy or loud I can feel the Spirit's power lessen. It isn't that it completely leaves but I can sense how hard it is to bring it back. As a missionary I need to always have the spirit in order to teach, and the spirit does the converting. I just do the teaching and the inviting. 

This past Sunday the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful service opportunity! Elder Baird and I are now the new ZONE LEADERS of our very large Zone. 80 elders and sisters. I can't wait to work with President Hodges, our Branch President. He gets the job done and has the grandfather touch. You've got to have the grandfather touch. Someday I want to have it. It is really fun to check up on all the missionaries every night to see how their day has gone. We have a really great Zone and the district leaders are all on top of things which makes my job easy. Everyone is so happy to be here and has a burning fire to serve! Missionary work is so much fun! You will see in the pictures that I sent this week. :)
Ready for travel

The District, Outsiders style

Elder Baird frolicking to the temple

We have 38 sisters and 42 Elders in our Zone and I can already feel the difficulty of keeping track of all them. Be that as it may...i need to stop using that phrase....I am so grateful that Elder Baird and I can be shepherds and keep track of our fold. In our leadership training meeting they talked about how to be the best leader -- it is all about following the example of Christ and his fold. He is the ultimate example and I love serving him.

The MTC is growing so fast and the sisters are closing in on 50% of the population of the MTC. Right now it is 44% sisters. It is so great to see them heed President Monson's call to serve. :) The devotionals require 2 separate overflows! It is such a blessing. By the way, I am not sure if the MTC records all of the devotional talks but if they do, look up Greg Doubay's talk on the advertising of the church. The Lord is hastening his work through technology and the results are astounding. It is so cool to see the massive increases of the word "mormon" searched on Google. So sweet! Eric should check it out. It is all about how the Church advertises. 

Alright, so I have some more news for the world. The word on the street is that my visa is not coming to the Provo area anytime soon. It is honestly luck of the draw. Elder Christensen in my district who left for the Sao Paulo MTC sent in his visa papers a week after me and the guys who have turned in their visa paperwork in November (before me) got their re-assignments and still have no idea on the status of their visas. The way I imagine it is that all those papers are piled up in some Brazilian consulate and they pick up one paper each week and just work on it no matter when they were received. Supposedly Brazil does not have the same fast paced culture as we do...they work on it when they get to it and that is just how it is. Oh well. I will go where I am called and I am excited to get out in the field and teach people of the happiness of the gospel.

 Send me some DEARELDERS with your guesses on where I will serve and whoever wins gets some sort of prize. I have yet to decide. I cannot wait to see the investigators' faces when it just clicks. The good news of the gospel is an echo of testimonies that they heard before they came to this earth. I love how the gospel sounds so familiar in everyone's life even if they are not members. They all came down here so they can return to live with their Heavenly Father and we all need to realize that it is possible, through the Spirit, to touch anyone's heart. :)

Thank you all so much for your prayers! I can feel them everyday. I know our Heavenly Father will bless you because of the appreciation for missionary work that you all have. 

I love all of you. Stay sweet and peace out.
Elder Forsyth ZL

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference and a dusting of snow

Lights, camera...

Action:  And here we have....Curitiba

Mother of Pearl where do I begin? Let's start here. The MTC is heaven on earth. Maybe a little smaller and more restricting, and heaven probably doesn't have foursquare or broken ankles in gym but you get the idea. It is such a special place during the holidays and General Conference. Every talk seems to to be about missionary work even though they aren't. I love how I am able to connect every talk to how I can further serve my companion, become more converted to gospel, or know how to utilize prayer more so I can know what my investigators need, etc. It is the greatest. I especially Loved Elder Bednar's talk about Chastity. We live in such a grayed-out world when it comes to morals and virtue. It seems like many people who aren't members just don't know where to draw the line and they forget about virtue. Bednar set the rules and made sure that he told the people of the world to set virtue as a thing to keep most precious. To all you young people from 8 to 82, make sure you heed his teachings. I know that if you do your lives will be so blessed and you will feel so squeaky clean all the time. Trust me it feels great. :) My second favorite was Tad R. Callister's talk about Deacons in the church. They have so much power to do good and I agree with brother Callister, they need to be pushed further. When I was a deacon's quorum president I am pretty sure I just coasted through the motions and didn't really understand the keys that I had. I wish I had prayed harder for those in my quorum and held more quorum activities outside of church. Unity is such a big part of everyone's life and everyone wants to have a family outside of their immediate family. The priesthood in a boy is as strong as the priesthood in a man as long as the power is used by worthy young men. His talk seriously made me want to be a deacon's quorum advisor when I get home. I love those guys and the sweet spirit they have. Let's raise the bar. :)

Mt. Timpanogos
I looked just like him right before I shaved my beard.  Representing the posterity of one of our beloved prophets, my g-g-g-g Grandfather, Brigham Young
By the way taking pictures of people sleeping in General Conference is hilarious. Mouths....wide....open. It was during Richard G. Scott's talk, after they announced and sustained all the new authorities. I have some of the greatest pictures. Those will have to wait until after the mission.

So P-days are the best. You can finally wind down from a really tiring week. And let me tell you, 6:30 to 10:30 straight is more tiring than it sounds. I love laundry. I know that sounds weird coming from a 19- year-old boy but laundry is my second favorite part of the day...besides going to the temple every Tuesday. I love that so much because everytime I go I try to answer a question and I just feel like I kinda get the whole concept more every time I serve the Lord. Anyways, laundry is muito chique (super tight). I get to chat with everyone in my zone, eat the cookies people send me and write letters home like this one. So bomb. Don't worry, I don't say so bomb...it is one of the many strange things mormon missionaries say to sound cool. It is absurd. But then again I say some weird things too, so to each his own. Be that as it may...i love laundry.

It snowed today and I love staring at Squaw Peak when there is snow on it. I am pretty sure the mountains are my favorite of all of God's creations. I just want to go run up them and breath in the fresh air...but I can't since the MTC is an island inside of an island called Provo. I love Squaw Peak. It is so majestic and beautiful. To all of my brothers...we are going to have the best Brothers Gone Wild when I get back. You can do whatever you want while I am gone but when I get back prepare for heli-skiing and more skiing. So, going along with the snow factor, President Hacking of the MTC granted all the elders the greatest gift. We don't have to wear jackets anymore unless it is a devotional or a district/zone meeting, including sacrament meeting. Right after that announcement, it snows and is 30 degrees. Clearly the Lord wants us to wear jackets so we look good. 

The game Ninja is still a thing even at the MTC. I thought it was a middle school/ efy/ youth conference 14-year-old game. I guess not. Maybe I am still as mature as a 14-year-old. It is the truth, you don't have to tell me...i've already accepted it. 

Everyone, please pray for more focus and humility (for me). I really feel like I can learn so much more. I know I can still muster more focus than I already have. I want to be able to go through the whole day without taking one 20 minute nap during my several scripture study sessions. I can feel all of your prayers and I can feel all your love. I am so extremely grateful for all of you. Stay sweet everyone. Elder Forsyth is out.......to fold his laundry. 


Elder I. J. Forsyth
(in case I ever become a general authority)
p.s. I love you mom. 
Provo Temple, Squaw Peak in background (before snow)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MTC - Week 2

top picture:  Elder Forsyth and Elder Baird, MTC laundry room


first off I need to address my mom with some needs of her youngest son (the baby).


I need my VANS. really really really bad. I am not used to wearing my pumas all over the place. I feel strange and awkward. preferably my nice once. like the cream colored ones or the navy blue ones. they both have leather on them. that would be fantastic. 
2. i have no idea where my camera charging chord is. I might have left it at home. so if you could mail that to me that would be great.
3. Another cool t-shirt. Basketball is sweaty....sorry but it is true.

This past week has been a constant spiritual high. Reading The Book of Mormon straight through like a book is one of the best things I have ever done in a while. The first time I read it and gained a testimony that it was true I read it straight through and this experience sent me back to when I was 12 years old pouring my soul out to the Lord listening to my mama playing the organ. I haven't finished it yet but I have had several opportunities to pray for a reassurance that it was true. Every time that I did, I felt like like a 12 year old again and that innocent child like spirit I had back then manifested itself to me once again. It is so great to read the Book of Mormon everyday and find so many new things that are so relevant to my life as a missionary. I am in Mosiah right now and every page has red markings with blue underlinings and markings in the margins so that I can remember the feelings that i was feeling at my stay in the MTC! 

So for some reason I am having massive writers block soooo i'll just write about things that have happened.
1. Our district has become a nice unified family. Everyone feels like they are each other's brothers and sisters. As I thought about how amazing that is, that we have only been together for 2 weeks and feel like we would do anything for each other, I decided to pray on why such amazing feelings can bond people who have never seen each other before. The impression that Christ is always a part of our lives just kept repeating in my mind over and over again. I think the reason we feel like we are so connected is because the spiritual bond is created by the Holy Ghost through Jesus Christ. He is literally our Elder brother. Just like how I feel like everyone in my district is my brother and sister. I don't know if that makes any sense but It was kinda a new thought for me. I mean I always knew that Christ was always apart of our lives through the atonement but I never really thought about how he is our Elder brother and influenced others so that we know we are loved constantly. I wish I were a better writer. It is hard to put some things into words. 
                                                      My District

2. I can give a whole lesson on the Restoration of the Church in Portuguese. I have James 1:5 and the first vision all memorized in Portuguese. It is such a beautiful language and I am starting to really feel the spirit in another language which is a really cool feeling. Also watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration in Portuguese is an amazing experience. Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God set apart for a great cause. I am so grateful for this church and the happiness it brings me. I have no idea what I would do without the Atonement of Christ. I see it affect every missionary I come in contact with here. 

Seguine Family,

I read all of your letters. I couldn't help myself. They have provided so much comfort and love that has been really needed. I love you guys so much. And credit to you Ed for falling down the bleachers at a march madness game. It truly is a talent. Falling, that is. Prepare for a letter to be coming your way. DALLIN! congrats on committing to BYU! That is so amazing man! I am so proud of you. It will be a great preparation for your mission. I love you man. Continue to be that great guy I know. Cami and Taylor I love you. expect letters. 

If everyone could pray that I would be able to have more focus that would be incredible. I am trying my best but I know that I can do better.

The language is going great and I speak it everyday! I am so grateful for the power of the spirit and the help that it has given me. 

Also EVERYONE try not to email me because I can only check that once every week. so use DEARELDER.COM. you can write a letter to me and the mail staff will print it out and I will get it the exact same day!! Please please please I would love to hear from all of you,.


Elder Forsyth

p.s. excuse the typos por favor, di nada. I will have more stories next time. It is hard to figure out all that I want to write down. Peace out.

 Elder Berrios and me. He speaks 4 languages. now learning his 5th...portuguese. So by the end of his mission he will have Italian, French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese under his belt.