Monday, December 15, 2014

When the Angels Party

The Priesthood of God is a real power and the angels in heaven have a party when you use it to help our spiritually ill brothers and sisters. Yesterday we had a Brasilian style reactivation. I hope there is a bunch of the following happening in the United States.

So, everyone knows we are teaching a wonderful family. The dad is coming back to church and is overcoming his cigarette addiction and his wife and child are accompanying him to church. They are very content with the feelings they have in the house of the Lord. Every time we teach them they share with us what they learned and what they want to do to change theirs lives. Yesterday, we set up an appointment with our Ward Mission Leader, Silvano, and we went over to the family´s house around 6 o´clock. We met up with Silvano at the church around 5 because they live in another city, so we need some travel time in the middle. (Contenda, look it up. It is super green and pretty). When we showed up at the chapel we found Silvano, his brother, Robson, and another member, Rogério, sitting outside of the church gates drinking Chimarrão talking about life. When we showed we all hopped into Silvano´s Ford F-1000. Yes, the number is 1000. Its a huge truck. I felt like I was in Indiana Jones because the trunk smelled like camping with a slightly good herbal smell in the seats, due to the Chimarrão. We hit the road and we hatched our "plan of attack", or in other words, lesson plan. We talked and talked and finally came to the conclusion that we needed to teach them about the word of wisdom and each brother would bear their testimony on how this great commandment has blessed their lives. To make a long story short, at the appointment with this family, Robson bore his testimony of how the priesthood can take away the desire to smoke if we have faith in Christ. Marlon´s eyes got real big and he told us that he was trying to stop smoking but it had been difficult. Everyday seemed like it was going great then someone would light up a smoke and he just would have to ask for one to kill the desire. I saw the depression in his eyes but Robson asked if he wanted a blessing from the priesthood of God and he replied with a teary eyed yes, so we took the lesson inside. We left the half full Chimarrão on the floor and we gave him the blessing. The words came to Robson's mouth in such a simple way. "Marlon, you are cured and know that your Father in Heaven has cured you. The Lord loves you and needs you back in his fold." Many more words were said but those, in specific, stuck out to me. Still teary eyed, Marlon stood up and gave everyone a tight hug. I don´t think I will ever forget that hug.

Now his wife and kids are set to be baptized this Saturday. It was kind of hard to deny the fact that the church was true after what had happened. Miracles happen and the the spirit of God is manifest through faith and works. We left the spirit to do the teaching in that lesson and left his house. It was awesome. Yesterday was a good day. Marlon was interviewed by the bishop and all is well. But, let's keep working. The hills are big but Missionary work is worth it.


Elder Forsyth

Opening Christmas packages!

Forsyth license plate

The center of Araucária looks European


  1. Elder Forsyth looks and sounds great! I love the experiences he is having. It sounds like he really knows and understands the people and their culture very well and that certainly aids him in his efforts to teach. Always in our prayers!

  2. Love hearing his stories! Glad he got his Christmas packages and glad to see he is still having fun!