Monday, December 22, 2014

SPF = Saturday's Pretty Fantastic!, or, Sunburns Por Favor

This week was a good one. Matheus´s and Andrea´s baptism happened last Saturday. You should've seen Marlon´s face. When Andrea was all dried and dressed, he gave her a big hug and started to cry. The theme after the baptism was all about temple marriage and enduring to the end. The baptism was a good way to cap off the week.

junior missionary!

This week the Lord helped us invite people as if HE were inviting. I've been praying a lot so that I could lead people by the spirit so that THEY feel the urge to accept the Lord´s invitations of repentance. I've been studying the prophets, apostles, and angels from the scriptures so that I may be like them; Listening, hearing, asking, and inviting. Those in the scriptures are direct, vigorous and know that the Lord is pleased with their work. In order for the Lord to be pleased with them they had to work. My face is red from a lot of work. 10 investigators came to sacrament meeting yesterday! My mouth dropped. It was awesome to see all of them greeting us with their smiling faces. Just seven of many we invited came and the other three were the members´ friends. Radical.

Our 14 missionary zone is doing well. We should have 8 baptisms by the end of the month. Hey, that's pretty good for 7 companionships. My last zone had 28 missionaries. Double the size and finished last month with 19 baptisms. Proportionally speaking, that’s an even ratio. The missionaries in our zone are awesome, dedicated and diverse. We've got Sisters from Honduras, Argentina, Colorado, and Maranhão and Elders from Chile, Pocatello, North Dakota, São Paulo, Atlanta, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Belo Horizonte , and João Pessoa.

We got mega, hyper, super sunburned this week. There were no clouds in the sky here! But don´t you worry, I started to use sunscreen again. The redness has gone away now due to my 50 SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen here is highly expensive,  around 40 bucks for one normal size container. But luckily I found mine because an Elder left one behind a couple of transfers ago. It’s so nice to find that the Elders leave the exact item you need. Socks, shirts, ugly ties, sweaters. 

So I´m in the Lan house (internet café) and I looked behind me to find the "He is the Gift" video as a huge youtube advertisement. Is the church project getting big in the USA? Everyone is sharing it on Facebook here so I’m assuming the members in the US are doing the same.  I hope. :)

I´m excited for Christmas, too! Woohoo google hangout! No one make fun of my accent. I've had a couple of American companions since the last time you've talked to me, family, so I think the English will be a little better, however, the accent will be super strange, I think. 

Elder Forsyth

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