Monday, November 24, 2014

Independence Villa

Hi Everyone,

My airplane-tire-soled shoes are finally giving up on me. I need to re-sole them with the help of our neighborhood cobbler. I hope he can do the job again. Airplane tires do not touch the ground so much because you know, airplanes fly. I need 18 wheelers on these bad boys.

We've been walking a bunch, mostly in one little villa. It's called Independence and the name fits the villa because it seems like there is no police here to enforce the law. The people are free to do whatever they want. We teach people and we hear a different crazy Brasilian story every lesson. The crazy stories go from homicides in the town to extremely skillful soccer moves.

This week we should have another baptism. Next week I will be giving you all at home the down low. It's going to be a great and uplifting story for the blog next week.

Our zone had 8 baptisms just this last week and we are really proud of our Elders. The other week I got a phone call from President that wasn't the most pleasing. He didn't burn me or harshly correct me or anything but he sure let me know what our zone´s difficulties were. To make a long story short, he told us that our zone had in-experienced Elders that needed a lot of help. Elder Schirmer and I quickly made some plans to get to know every area of our zone better. It has been great to see the qualities of every Elder. I swear that there are many things that they can do that I honestly haven´t achieved yet. The past exchanges have helped me understand that I have much to learn to become a well- tuned missionary of the Lord. We set goals with them and they set goals with us so that we could follow up with one another on our daily check-in calls. The best part is that everyone is achieving their goals and is growing their faith.

Splits with Elder Laurentino,
Elder Forsyth

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