Monday, September 1, 2014

Things (including me) are working out

Vigilato update
Vigilato is completely integrated in the ward and his baptism is marked for next Saturday, 19horas (pssst. that means 7 oclock). He will be one of my strongest recent converts.... Before the baptism, he has already read 8 or 9 of the church president manuals and because of the spirit of the Lord he has recognized the truthfulness of the Savior's church.  Ironing my white shirt two times over to look good this upcoming weekend doesn't even get to the crux of my excitement. 

Thank you Elder House for completing your mission worthily and giving me the chance to go to the temple. Whew it's been a while. WEDNESDAY-  I had a wonderful experience at the Curitiba temple. 
Something that I learned that I hadn't really thought of before -- Satan tries to read our thoughts, even though he's not permitted. The fact that he cannot read our thoughts leaves him extremely frustrated and miserable. It makes his cunning work much harder. So my friends at home, I have a kind warning. THINK IT OUT BEFORE YOU ACT. It helps you out so much in the long run.

The temple is a wonderful place of learning, progress and personal revelation. It is the closest we can get to the presence of our Heavenly Father, for it is his house.

Elder Nixon and Insanity
Elder Nixon was transferred to ala Afonso Pena and is now living with us. He´s from D.C. a.k.a., I can chat with someone who knows what a true sandwich is and loves history. Right off the bat we hit it off and are best friends. He recently bought a work out video called ''insanity''. The title states it perfectly because the jumping jack/scissor kick push-ups I did today were truly insane. I´m in pain but my cardio is feeling a lot better. Walking 10-15 quilometros per day doesn't mean you have a steel heart. I think my legs and feet are steel but when I started running I can tell that my heart starts to sweat. I know that sounds weird but it feels like it's sweating. Phrases like "aaaah right, let's check dis one ouh" (silent t) and ''aah right, you can do dis" and "don't stop, don't stop" and ''aah ya feelin da pain yet?" The work out trainer on our little missionary dvd player seems tiny but he yells at you in an encouraging way. I'll be working out my cardio this week. But this is funny. Elder Ian Forsyth watching a work out video to keep his heart going. Ian doing a work out video....when did that become a thing?

(computer had a virus so no pictures until Elder House sends them from home)

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