Monday, September 8, 2014

A baptism and a tale of love

Hi everyone!

Vigilatto´s baptism was one for the record books. He is Parque da Fonte´s first baptism and he looks like a  Bill Wiersma and Harrison Ford mash-up.  He´s a music radio host, cook, and stylish man from Curitiba who has decided to leave behind the natural man to become like his Savior Jesus Christ. His conversion story is a good one.  Nine months of studying the the church's manuals but he truly became converted when he made the decision to keep the commandments. I'm not going to write what was holding him back but I can share how he overcame. I had the privilege to interview him in the middle of the transfer because I had never taught him. He believed that the Church was true and was trying to improve and repent but there was always one tripping stone between where he was and the needed repentance. For one to receive a real testimony, leap of faith experiments have to be put into practice. As I tried to explain the principles of repentance and the grace of God, which consumes the actions of humanity, he started to think and think and think and didn't look into my eyes for a while like he usually does. In the middle of a sentence he cut me off and told me, "This Sunday I will stop, and Tuesday you can check to see if I can keep my word to God." I was getting to the goal making part but the spirit told him first what I was planning on saying. Ever since that day he has been repenting and trying to be as clean as he can. 
The couple that introduced him to the Church

Last p-day I started to think about all of the people that have helped me become a loving person. My mom wrote me this week about how I can easily love many people and I wanted to share a little about the many people that have loved me so much.

Seguine family - many late nights of family fun. They filled in my brother and sister gap. When I moved to Philly I missed my brothers so much and their family moved in when I was 10 or 11. To this day I feel like one of Jen´s and Ed´s sons. 

Nielson family - Tina Nielson played and taught me new card games while Braden, Gentry, Bethany and Carissa took piano lessons from my mom. I will never forget the kindness she showed me when I was a kid, bringing games and stories to tell me to brighten up my day. 
When I think of Sister Nielson there´s a certain instance that sticks out in my mind. When my father passed away, she comforted me when I cried alone in my room. I don't remember what she said, the day, or the time, but I remember she took a lot of time to cry with me and let me know I was still loved by my dad even if he isn't on the earth.

Tina Raymond -  The classic seminary teacher that made the gospel cool for a 14-15 year old. She taught me many valuable principles of worthiness and the readiness to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I also became a huge Phillies fan because of her Philly sports fan excitement.

Brian Monson -  He will always be remembered as my Young Men´s president that demonstrated an example of constant reverence and leadership that I hope to emulate here in the mission and after. 

Dalene Olson -  I am huge fan. I want to be as determined and focused as Dalene. I remember when I was a primary kid I always wanted to talk to Dalene because she always looked out for me and loved me even if I was a goofball half the time. 

Beth and Walt Meise -  The one on one chats that I had with them helped me become a better man, baseball player and someone that cares about the feelings of others. Walt took the time to go to my games and give me some suggestions. He always wanted to cut my hair (now I see why) and show me how to help the other young men in my quorum progress spiritually and socially. 

with love,
Elder Forsyth

i will write about more families next week. See ya´later.

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  1. Aaww...that was so sweet of Ian to give us a shout out. We have a special place in our heart for him. He just looks and sounds so happy. What a wonderful thing a mission is. I'm excited he is having life-changing experiences that I know will stay with, and impact, him forever.