Monday, September 15, 2014

Fire in the bones and more shout-outs

humble missionary pose

Funny story of the week
We found a former investigator (whose name will not be mentioned) yesterday waiting for a bus with his new religious partner. Elder House and I had taught this gentleman for about a month, three days a week. He would progress then fall back down, progress, then expulse us from his house, then progress a bunch. Then one night he told us he would go to church if he "wanted to wake up." "If I don't wake up I won't go, If I wake up I will''. Yeah, Elder House got a little frustrated with him, told him that his idea was a great one and hung up. He knows the church is true but had a lot of trouble leaving his church because of social and peer pressure chains. We tried so hard to get him out of "a congregação cristã do brasil" but it never worked out. He told us several times he would leave because the spirit directed him to do so but never got the courage to take the baby steps. 

Anyway, yesterday we found him sitting on the bus stop bench and his face was priceless. It was the ''mom walked into the kitchen while I am stealing a cookie from the jar and she catches me with my hand in the jar and a cookie in my mouth" face. We met his friend from the ''Visão Missionária" church and I started to chat with him. I asked him what his church responsibility was. "I secure the demon possessed people while the pastor casts out the devil," he said. I then asked, ''How does one become demon security in your church?" and he told me, ''through fasting and working out because sometimes the demons get a little excited.'' I almost lost it when the ex-investigator said, ''I testify of it." Brasil is like a huge bible belt. I find a new church everyday. There are so many churches; more churches than stop lights. You can pass two before you hit the next light. I've already walked into a ''visão missionária" where I saw a bunch of people running and screaming ''GLORIA''. The truth is so apparent. 

people I love, part 2
Dave Adamusko - the man that showed me that it was okay to go through a little 80´s rock phase. One time when we were driving around to grab some Rita´s water ice, he told me I was the brother and I will never forget that experience. Let´s just list some experiences I won't forgot about Dave:  

When I threw up in the middle of the hallway at Gayman elementary and he was the only one available in the afternoon to come and pick me up. He told me that I WOULD be that kid that throws up in the hallway. I know that doesn't sound like a compliment but as a 10-year -old I thought it was cool.

He introduced me to a whole new world of movies and said it was okay to appreciate The Lord of the Rings when I thought it was nerdy. Now I know better.

When he showed me the back country skiing ropes at Park City I was broken but changed for life. 

Misha Tulek - thanks a ton Mish for the pre-mission advice. Misha helped me be a gentleman through his example and helped me understand that it wasn't cool to wear a bunch of colored clothing. He helped me become more of a tie specialist and showed me what it means to be dedicated as he is to photography. I took him and Dave to my special person day at school and ever since then I have looked and thought of them as my brothers.

Gretchen Myers -  She gave me many chances to perform and refine my musical skills. She always supported me in my musical endeavors and loved my mother. She is one of my mom´s special friends and one of my special friends, too. I miss the Oak Lane choir robe smell. 

My companion Elder Schirmer and Elder Nixon.

The mini biography of Elder Schirmer.

Elder Schirmer started to sing in 2005 and has big lenses in his glasses. Big Glasses Schirmer is from Novo Hanburger, Rio Grande do Sol. He´s one of my favorite companions because he sings Les Mis all day, likes to laugh, laughs at my dumb jokes, and likes to work and work and work. We found 22 new friends this week and the work is starting to roll again right after Vigilato´s baptism. só fogo nos ossos. (only fire in the bones)


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