Monday, September 22, 2014

Fish tales and feeding the hungry

This week I was out of commission. I got a stomach virus from Elder Nixon's seasoned fish we ate last week. It was a good tasting fish, but the cooking time wasn't enough, I think. So, it was a lot of bathroom time. I had a fever for just one night but all is well now. And now I honestly know how to cook a fish with the right amount of time in the oven. No one worry, I am feeling a lot better and I'm ready to hit the pavement this week. We have many good and prepared people in our teaching pool that I need to follow up with. 

The days are becoming a lot warmer -- I am able to get a good night's sleep without three comforters. Now it's just my nike shorts and green, thick vóvó brasileiro cobertor that keep me warm at night. 

I started putting my retainers back on at the beginning of this week -- they were hurting a ton. My jaw spreading isn't the best feeling in the world after 6-10 months without regular use. It's been an courageous adventure because every night I have to decide if I want to sleep with an aching pain in my mouth, but it's worth it. 

Thiago and Thaissa, recent converts, held a birthday party for their little 3-year-old, Matheus, yesterday. We had lunch at their house after church and we challenged them to give the food to someone who was less fortunate. Thiago thought it was a great idea because he was praying the night before to have an opportunity to serve someone else so that he could magnify his priesthood. It was perfect. We hopped in his car with some tupperwares full of flatbread pizza and 2 liter sodas and hit the road. We drove and drove and drove but couldn't find anyone laying on the ground screaming for food. That was the image we were looking for and didn't find anyone. I felt like we were supposed to drive over to the nearest favela to find a family without conditions to buy rice and beans for the kids. When we pulled into the favela the first woman we stopped was the one that truly needed the food. She was walking over to her daughter's who was was recently left by her ex husband  and the daughter didn't have any food to feed her young children. Thiago´s grin was extremely apparent when he handed her the food. When she accepted it she grinned right back but I think Thiago was full of a greater happiness because of the service he gave. On the way back home he told us that we made his week and has a greater vision of how the Lord wants him to serve. 

The little kind acts of service are greater than laying your life down sometimes. 

p.s. to my mom's seminary class:

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