Monday, March 3, 2014

Mountains, my inner Rock Star, and a great video

more on this later...

Our p-day was switched over to Tuesday, only for this week, because of Carnival (last day before Lent) tomorrow. So, I'll be writing this letter and then hitting the street in the pouring rain, woo! Nothing happens here in Prudentopolis during Carnival. Just a little bit more beer and more people sleeping on the streets.

Tomorrow we are going to go hike some mountains and explore some waterfalls in Guarapuava. I am so excited to get on top of something extremely elevated. I miss the feel of clouds in my face and the fresh clean air. Tomorrow we'll catch a bus that will take us to a stop where we will get off and start our hike. We planned it all our on our last zone conference with President. I hope we don't get lost. It should be super tranquil there. This part of Parana is really known for its waterfalls and mountain trails. I don't know if I have written on the blog about how much I miss the mountains. I'm sure Sienna knows. I think I draw her a picture of a mountain each time. If I talk too much about the mountains please forgive me. I don't know what it is about them that brings me home. The scriptures say much about revelation and foundations in relation to mountains.  Nephi, a young ancient American prophet 600 years before the birth of Christ, climbed to the highest mountain to search out and speak with the Lord. 

I have a question for everyone at home. What can we do every day to bring ourselves closer to heaven and gain some insight from God? As Nephi searched diligently for the Lord´s insight, he prayed and prayed and prayed. Prayer is something that can be practiced.  I find that a lot of people here in Brasil don't know how to pray. When they learn, they tell me that they are so much happier. So much changes in one's routine when they add prayer, but even more changes in that person as they pray. We become more efficient with our everyday choices because we are asking the one who knows everything. We become more reverent because we choose to start and end our days with the spirit of peace. We know ourselves better as we discover our relationship with God because he knows us the best. These are only a few of the various blessings of prayer. As we pray we can resist our hardest temptations and we can become spiritual strongholds. 

Couldn't resist the temptation of this wig, though
Before teaching some recent converts I just had to grab the wig that was hanging on their wall. The goofball side of Elder Forsyth came out and I found my inner Guns 'n Roses . I then had to get myself together to teach an extremely special message about reverence. I used my photo shoot as an example of irreverance. It showed how we can have fun and still be reverent people.

Before I sign off, here is a great video.  Watch it!

stay sweet everyone,
Elder Forsyth

p.s.  I FINALLY GOT THE 49ers T-SHIRT and old candy! the package you sent me on November 20th finally got to me last week while I was in Guarapuava at zone conference. I also got all the letters and the package from the Sheffield family and the Young Women of the ward. Thank you!  I can't read them until p-day (tomorrow), but thanks for all the love everyone!

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