Monday, March 17, 2014

One Year

ONE year on the mission. I'll be honest -- the first year on my mission has flown by. I'm sure that the second year will be 2x as fast because I'll remember my prior areas. Like, ..."wow, a year ago I went to the MTC," "in June I arrived in Brasil" "CHRISTMAS WAS JUST A YEAR AGO?!?!....nooooo." "I'm home now? what?" I'm sure it'll be a lot like that. Remembering past dates and working really hard. 

These past few months I think I put my work ethic into third or fourth gear. I had started to drift away a little bit. With almost everything. I lost a little bit of my greeny fire. I talked to President about it and and we have made some awesome goals so that I can get back on my Elder Forsyth groove, helping the maximum number of people possible. 

The mission helps you understand where you are mentally, spiritually, where you are with your work ethic, where you were, and where you want to be. This is only one of the reasons I love the mission. There isn't any other job that requires 12-15 km of walking per day. There isn't any other job that makes you feel stretched to your absolute limits emotionally . There isn't any other job that requires 18-21-year-old guys to make personal and team goals every single day and plan out how they will reach those goals. There isn't any other job that helps you understand so well that work needs to be placed before play. These are just a few of the things that I am going through. Waterfalls and Brasilian hiking included. 

These parts of my life are helping me become a better man (in general), leader, future husband, employee, team player, planner, counselor, adviser, cook, shoe shiner, hair cutter (the hair cuts that I have given are not that great. but they are so much better than before...when I never gave haircuts), a better walker, persevere-er, conversationalist, Christian doctrinal student and enthusiast, salesman, creator, and son. My work helps me value 8 hours of sleep. My work helps me value Christ´s last sacrifice and helps me understand how nothing is impossible (spiritually and physically....just put your mind to it.) My job helps me be a better listener as I can only teach as I learn the needs of others.

I place son as the last point on my list because as I am preparing to be a man in the world, I am also preparing to be a better son of my Heavenly Father. He loves me and blesses me as I bless others as I proclaim His son´s word. I know that the message that I carry is special, simple, firm, lovable, gives me more conviction, and gives life-repairing help. I know that through the Bible and the Book of Mormon we can understand and get to know God´s and Jesus Christ´s characteristics much, much better. I know that through these two books we can understand the fullness of Christ's gospel.  I don't carry just one branch of the tree of knowledge but I carry with me the seed that needs to be planted so that one can understand the entire organism of God´s plan. 

I know that the Book of Mormon is true, through study, deep thought, and through conversing with my Father in Heaven. He showed me that it is true to my heart and feelings, through miracles, and life's changes.
I know that The Church of Jesus Christ contains the restored gospel and the divine authority of God. I know this because I have seen how the priesthood has blessed the life of my friends and my family.

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet because God would not waste time giving a sacred record testifying of His only begotten son to a false prophet to translate and publish to the world (the Book of Mormon). And Christ wouldn't re-establish His true church through any man, if he were not called of God.

I know that I am blessed for my decisions and I also know that I am on the path to eternal life with an eternal family. I know these things without a doubt in my heart and with full conviction because I have studied, thought about it deeply and prayed about them. Read the Book of Mormon to find out for yourself what road to take. Then take that road! It is a wise man that takes advantage of God´s opportunities when they are given. 

Year 2 here we come!  I will see you all on the other side of the world next March or Feb. I am not exactly sure. 
Love, Elder Forsyth

p.p.s. I got transferred to Estação. It's a small town that is in the middle of Araucária (a city). Today has been super busy with bus rides from Prudentopolis to Curitiba. but the four hours of extra sleep was a life saver because I have been super tired. Now I'm in the mission office waiting for a brother from the ward to give me a ride to our house. 

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  1. What a sweet testimony. Thanks so much for sharing, Liz!

    Cannot believe it has been a whole year (and that you've been gone already for half of that). Miss you like crazy, especially at about 5:30 AM each morning. :-)