Monday, February 24, 2014

State of the Mish

Elder Skousen speaks Portuguese super well for only 7 weeks in Brasil....and wow I think my soul is starting to shine brighter. I am slowly getting darker.
Reckless banter.  With some guitars, piano, an old Brasilian organ, and some worn out ties we made some soulful music. This is Elder Rocha our district leader. Let's rephrase that. This is Elder Rocha the man. I decided to send the awkward face picture. And here it is. Elder Rocha is from Salvador, Bahia and majored in music back at home. He plays piano, speaks fluent English (like an American) and wants to be more like his Savior, Jesus Christ (and Alex Boye).

Dear family and friends. 

Its really hard to concentrate on this letter because the lan house is playing Karate Kid (the original) right next to my face. The tv screen is literally right next to my face. Mr. Miagi now speaks Portuguese with a Chinese accent. I cant stop laughing. Anyways let's give a report on the week.

As I said in the previous letter, I am training the greenie Elder Skousen and he is the man. I had a companion that had the same music taste (Elder Cesar) and now it's a companion with the same movie taste. A lot of quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Hot Rod with the occasional "boy scout Russel" line from Disney´s "Up". It is all good here in Prudentopolis. I found a restaurant that makes a huge delicious brownie with ice cream on top. I've already eaten three this week. But it doesn't seem to do anything. I still feel skinny because of the walking, which we do a lot. I bought some new styling dress shoes that look pretty cool and are extremely comfortable and durable. It took a little while to find the right fit and style but the search was worth it. 

Daniel San is painting the fence.

I bought a notebook the other day that is starting to be filled with random thoughts, drawings, Brasilian music lyrics, revelations, and notes from members and recent converts. It should be super cool by the end of the mission. One year on the the big mish is coming up and it is really hard to believe. Elder Forsyth is already at 11 months and is still learning a bunch about the gospel.  I feel like I only know .001 percent of what I should know. Every day is a diligent search to find more gospel truths that will make my future life easier and I think my future wife's life, too. I've gotten a lot calmer on the mission and I listen a lot more to ideas of others. I am a lot more attentive and motivated to study. I am much more kind and loving. I know how to set achievable but challenging goals. I know how to make better pasta. I know how to manage my money a little bit better. I know how to converse with my Father in heaven. I don't mean to write these differences as points of arrogance but more as an "I feel good about my progress" type of thing.  It's good to to think about where I came from and where I am and where I am going with my life. This all happened because I am just starting to understand the word diligence. Diligence for me now means "with love". We have to grow our talents and grow a love for them too.

Elder Forsyth

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