Monday, March 24, 2014

King Konk

Elder Ritchie, Elder Fernando, and Elder Skousen. Elder Ritchie is from my MTC group.
I had to duck or my head would be cut off.

Mom - When you took a picture of the Português Book of Mormon did you take a look at it and try to read? Since you are pretty close to the temple maybe you could go and buy one, read a little and memorize some scriptures and when I get back I can help you speak and understand. That would be awesome. 

New Area : Estação (which means station or season) It is on the left side of the BR high way if you google map ARAUCÁRIA. It's an excellent area to serve in because everyone is super friendly and has a certain soft spot for the restored gospel. I don't know what it is but it has been pretty easy to talk to people on the street and mark future appointments. And when I say future appointments that means the next day or two. They are really open to converse about spiritual topics and really open to accept our invitations to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. 

To sum it all up, it's a lot of fun to be back in a ward that knows how to work. We have "name tagged" receptionists that help out timid church visitors find primary or elder's quorum or gospel principles. It rocks. It is really organized and efficient here. 

It was a little tough on Monday because we came home to an Area book that wasn't updated and a lot of colored post-it notes with a bunch of names....these names didn't have addresses nor teaching records. We are starting from scratch and I really hope that I don't get transferred because I already have developed a great love for the people here. I feel like I came back home, because Araucária is a Curitiba suburb. Its a lot like the Fazenda Rio Grande (my second area). If you go back to the pictures that I took there, it is very similar. The type of people and everything. The only thing that is different is that I like it a lot better and the ward is very supportive of us (the fresh new missionaries). I felt really lost for the first couple of days, running around the city with Elder Skousen and city map the size of a chalk board. Two white American guys in ties with a giant map in the middle of the Brasilian round-abouts trying to find strange road names. 

Elder Skousen is progressing so much with the language and is getting the hang of the new area with me. We went to the bus terminal to catch a bus line to the tippy top of our area. It was a really smooth and long ride with the constant thumping motor. It was so easy to crash....on the glass window next to my head. We passed out and passed our planned destination in "Jardim Industrial", almost leaving our area limits. 

I have a growing bus-sleeping problem. Even if it is just a 10 minute ride I almost konk-out. King Konk.

Tudo tranquilo aqui. (He just sent the following in Portuguese.  I will do my best to translate one paragraph at a time. If you are fluent you can tell me if I got close at all.)
All quiet here.

Um abraço por todo mundo li em casa. super longe. Eu oficialmente tenho um ano na missão e o tempo está passando bem rápido. Não dá para perceber e parar para pensar. só trabalho.  Tenho notado que sou muito diferente e tenho um perspectivo bem diferente a respeito do mundo, desde o último vez que vocês me viram. Estou bem animado a não conseguir falar inglês quando eu voltar para casa. Que Deus os abençoe com seus empreendimentos e sonhos. Fiquem tranquilho com suas dificuldades e confiem no senhor quando tudo parece impossível a superar.  Nunca vai padecer em suas problema si voce tiver bom ânimo confiança que o senhor proverá...por que ele venceu o mundo. Eu estou muito grato pelo sacrifício expiatório do senhor e poder que eu possa receber, ao me arrepender e entrar no rebanho a cada dia. 
A hug throughout world - at home and super far away. I officially have a year in the mission and the time is passing very quickly. Not to notice and stop to think. Only work. I have noticed that I am very different and I have a different perspective and view of the world, since the last time you saw me. I am very excited that I cannot speak English when I return home. May God bless you with your ventures and dreams.

Estou super bem aqui no brasil. são se preocupe. Só felicidade e trabalho. 
I am super well here in Brazil. No worries. Only happiness and work.

Muitas vezes, pensamos que temos que ser perfeitos em tudo que façamos num mundo tão imperfeito com os padrões perdidos.  O sehnor não pague pelo resto de nosso esforço, que não conseguíssemos conseguir. ele pagou por tudo. apenas guarde os mandamentos com todo energia do coração e seja fiel ate o fim. O senhor não abençoará um filho que não procura a cumprir. Eu sei que nosso senhor vive, está, e vai estar conosco quando nos cairmos por que ele é nosso pastor que vai correr atrás nos; Eu sei que ele deve ser nosso amigo. Eu sei que não podemos servir dois mestres. Eu sei que minha mãe me ama e eu a ama e tudo mundo. Paz. Amor e Felicidade acontecem quando guardarmos os mandamentos. Se ja tem caida, volte e junte-se à nos.
Many times, we believe that we have to be perfect in everything that we do in a world so imperfect with the standards lost. The Lord does pay for the rest of our effort that we could not achieve. He paid for everything. Just keep the commandments with all energy of your heart and be faithful to the end. 

Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém 
Skousen doing laundry

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