Monday, February 10, 2014

Field of Dreams and a Bum Ankle

This week was a good one for sure. A baptism and lots of fun in inner-Prudentopolis. They speak a different language here sometimes. It is a mixture of Portuguese and Ukrainian. Jonathan would get the hang of it a little faster than I am. Prudentoplis is a Ukrainian colony that was settled many years ago. I think in the mid 1950's...can someone google search it for me? Obrigado. I am learning a little Ukrainian here and there. The majority of the heritage in this town is European and more people look like me. Here people think I am Brasilian because sometimes I put on their goofy accent. I don't know if I wrote how the accent sounds in the previous emails buts it is like a farmer from West Virginia. The Portuguese is super different. 

This week we grabbed a bus to eat lunch with Prudy´s first branch president. Here are some pictures of the bean fields. 

When I saw the bean field I thought of every bean as someone that has not yet had the chance of hearing the gospel. It was sad to think of at first but then I remembered that I was called to make a little difference with some of the beans. Elder Cesar was called to make the difference with some other beans and other elders and sisters all around the world were called to help other beans sprout. I then got really happy and started to run in the bean fields. 

Field of dreams

The field IS ripe and ready to harvest.  I am so grateful for the authority that I have to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. At times I forget the huge responsibility that God has placed on my shoulders. Here are some difficulties that I would ask everyone's prayers for:

1. More focus on the work every minute.
2. To walk and not be weary. (it's not that I don't have energy, but we walk a ton)
3. Unconditional love for all.
4. No more judging of others.
5. Willingness to be corrected.

I would appreciate prayers for me to overcome these weak points so I can become a better missionary and a better servant of the Lord.

Ademir was baptized this past week. Elder Cesar was working with this family before I got here and we only have to baptize one more to help all of the brothers and cousins. Please pray for the family Alves de Oliveira. 

Newest Prudentopolis members

Prudentopolis youth
We went for a jog this morning and the American twisted his ankle. But it is all good. I already placed the ice, anti-inflamitory spray, advil, and ankle brace to keep it in place. It does not hurt as bad as it did this morning. I was out for the count and asked for a blessing.

Stay sweet, everyone.  Thank you for all your prayers.
Elder Forsyth

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