Monday, February 3, 2014

Minimalism and Definitions

So hot.  Waiting under a tree for our investigator to come to the door.

I loved your letter today, mom. The gospel is the direction for a minimalist life. The material things are drifting away as I grow older on the mission. 20 ties have fallen to 10. I am just giving things away as I go. As I give away my materialistic life I find that my spirit is a little bit fuller each day. I am trying to return to my sacred grove when I started my spiritual adventure, everyday. Something that has really helped me stay calm and happy here in Brazil, is daily repentance every single night before I sleep. Daily repentance and asking for forgiveness everyday from my companion, even when I don't know of anything wrong with my actions. I know that there is something more I can work on. 

Purdentopolis graffiti

My shirts are a little bit more yellow than usual. The shoes are a little bit more busted up. Missionary work {Elder Forsyth´s definition} -- When someone walks in the chilling rain and hot sun for 10 hours a day to invite someone to come unto Christ. Result: A lot of happiness and beat up slacks. Other definitions-- lots of laughing, sweating, guitar lessons for little kids, testifying with your soul, and lots of Brasilian hot dogs on the street. 

Edinéia´s baptism was great! Her sister was baptized 2 weeks ago and a couple of days back she took the leap of faith. Her progress has been super.....I'm not from Minnesota so let´s rephrase that, Her progress has been...just up? How would I say this in English? Her progress has been excellent. I wouldn´t have said that either when I was at home but, whatever. It was excellent. She is so much happier than happy and is taking an English course with her sister from Brother Daniel. A Peruvian Japanese Brasilian. He is the man. 

I love seeing how the gospel slides in perfectly with any type of situation. Sadness to happiness, you can always be helped through applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It just takes some prerequisites. Humility and a willingness to change. Those feelings lead to a world that, generally, many people are not familiar with. A lot of us don't want to change our habits and we think we have nothing to learn because we are content with our current life style. Let me tell you something. I'm not the same guy that came to Brasil 8 months ago. When I arrived I knew that I had to have this attitude in order to improve my at home American habits. Humility and a willingness to change helped me transform into a better person. I know that I still have much to learn and I'm not the best missionary. But I do know that I am surely different than when I arrived. 

Elder Ian

p.s. You translated my portuguese perfectly, momma. Portuguese doesn't really have very kind words to describe goofy people. So, we grabbed a goofy fruit name and now we call each other "Goiaba" It's just a thing between some missionaries in the field and the young men of the ward, here in Prudentópolis.

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