Monday, November 10, 2014

Fogo nos ossos novamente*

*Fire in my bones, again.

This week we had a bunch of high participation ward council meetings. We are coordinating a lot with our ward leaders now.   I don´t know what it was that got them going. They have been giving us a bunch of referrals and are driving us everywhere to drop us off at our investigators' homes. It's paradise here in São José.  I feel super lucky. I called President the other day and tried to bargain with him. The root of my worries was that I would be transferred for my last two transfers. I had to promise him a couple of things in order for him to leave me in the area until I "die." This is one of my favorite areas by far. I feel like I have reached a level of teaching where I can talk with just about everyone and feel comfortable resolving many difficulties (difficulties that I have never personally experienced in my life). Like Ammon in the Book of Mormon, I don't want to seem arrogant because I know that the Lord is blessing me with his spirit to understand those who are lost and have passed through many problems.  These are problems that I may never face in my life.  I´ve never been married but Elder Schirmer and I have been able to start the delicate process of helping two frustrated couples repair their marriages. They are now happy and have been going to church for the past four Sundays. The Portuguese is getting a lot better as well. Elder Schirmer has helped me a lot just by talking. His accent is super cool because it comes from the Rio Grande do Sul. Where Ross Pagotto served. 

This is God´s gift to mans´ stomach.  I must admit that the Brasilian meat and grilling style is much more advanced and tasty than the classic American barbeque. We have been eating a lot of this every week during our family home evenings with investigators and membros. 

During Christmas the membros like to grill ribs outside with fires they make in the ground. I am so excited because it will be my first time at one of these shindigs. Friends, be advised, the churrasco here is the best thing in the world. I would buy a plane ticket just for everyone to get to know Sergio from our ward, a diamond in the roughness of the favela. 
Here are some pictures that were taken a while back from an Integration activity we planned:

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  1. Brian is super duper jealous of the meat and grilling. Me? Not so much. :-)