Monday, November 4, 2013

Accents make everything better


Hey everyone at home!
The pictures have returned. I jogged over to the handy dandy man that works in the lan house (computer cafe) and he (as he said in Portuguese) "Eu liberei todas os fotos do cativeiro, no qual a gente chama o carta de memória. Com certeza você pode ver os fotos de novo,"  "I liberated all of the fotos from captivity, in which "the people" (commonly used in Brasil as "we") call the memoria card. With surety you can see the fotos again."  The way he explained what he did was super slick. Gostei, Gostei. I liked it, I liked it.
I can't see the fotos on my câmera but I can view them on the computer.
super quick sob story
I won't burden you with the trials that have been happening but here is a....
1 to 2 sentence sob story:
This week has been a week of trials and a lack of results that we have been looking for. Wah (one tear drop).
Hey...hey hey...woah woah woahh, but on the bright side I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I was called by a prophet that has confidence in me to carry out the work and bring the light of the gospel into the lives of others, making them laugh, sharing stories of how the gospel has changed my life for the better...etc. I feel great now!

For those who remember that stage I went through when I would frequently speak in a Russian accent, know that the accent skills have payed off. Someone thought I was from Paraná.  It was the first time that someone said, "You only look Américan, the voice is a different story."  Either he was making fun of me or he thought I was a Brasilian. Let's go with the Brasilian. I have been soaking everything in like a sponge like Eric told me to do and I have acquired many different accents that can be found in different regions of Brazil. Paulista, Nordestino, Rio Grande do Sul, and Paranaese. The accent here is super silly to me. The people here think is so funny to hear what they sound like. So I try to humor them.  It is a mix of an irish/spaniard accent.

Forgive me, this computer is spell checking my English and changing it back to the language of origin. So if you find many Portuguese words, sorry.
Life in Parigot de Souza
We live on the principal road which has all of the stores, restaurants, street vendors, and pizzerias. All of this is a plus but sometimes it is difficult to find people at home during the afternoon because it is pretty industrialized here. Everyone works their tail off. We are finding people that are super great and ready to receive the restored gospel but their family says something or we can never find them again. New goal for Elder Forsyth. Ask for their number when I speak with them.
I have decided that this p-day I will self evaluate,  thinking of where I want to be when I have 20 more years under my belt. A testimony during the first Sunday of the month really hit me. It was a young man preparing to serve a mission and he started to speak of his actions. "What would my 40-year-old self think right now, and how can I change my disposition towards the better so that I can better myself more quickly and more effectively?" 
Here we go.
Tchau Tchau todo mundo.
Elder Forsyth
p.s. Always ask that handy dandy Brasilian computer expert to help you with your problems


  1. Liz, I am laughing at this letter! Love Ian! One tear drop! Ha! I'm afraid our second attempt at a package did not arrive, either. We mailed it over a month ago! :-(

    1. It takes MORE than a month. And I have to beg for weeks before he remembers to give me a report on what has arrived. I'm sure it will get there.