Monday, November 18, 2013

It's a Great Ride

Zona Jardim Do Sol

I don't have too many things to say this week, but here are a few phrases to let everyone know that I am alive.

This week as been a great one. The temple was the highlight of it all. The light that is present in the temple is like the warmth of the sun but it is so clear that your mind is in a constantly pure state. Like a running river. I don't think I am capable of explaining the happiness that the temple brings me. It is a happiness that is real. It is instant gratification from God that never leaves you.

Woo-hoo: baptism this week.  Here we go.  His name is Luan. He is 14 years old but he has the mind of a 24 year old. We found him the first week were here. The week that was really tough for two new missionaries in a new area.  Frustration was on overload. Hey, but now I feel super good. As we taught him and taught him we saw his life change. He started to recognize errors quicker and wanted to change as fast as possible. When he recieved a testimony in Sacrament meeting he told us and his eyes were different. More happiness is arriving with almost each visit. He counts on his fingers and then does it again to show how many days he has been keeping the word of wisdom. Watching the personal prayer growth has been super great too. The first time he prayed in front of us he was so scared. Day by day he has been praying alone and asking for strengths. The day he told us that he would say the opening and closing prayer I started to cry because it was the first thing he said before the lesson conversation began. The gospel of Jesus Christ isn't a simple recipe but it is a recipe for real happiness and eternal life.  If you follow the precepts that Christ organized it is impossible to fail. When all other things fail in your life remember the pure love of Christ is the light that cannot be blown out.  Charity.  And grab ahold really tight because the sensation of forgiveness, redemption, and true happiness will throw you for a wild ride. It is a great ride, don't you worry.

Elder Forsyth

p.s. stay sweet.

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