Monday, August 12, 2013

Shout out to all the Moms

Dear Friends:)

This email will be dedicated to my momma! So for all of you who "don't" want to read about  my favorite super hero in my life feel free to lounge facebook or something else less cool.

If there is one person who knows how to serve people and dish out loads of love it's my mom. There really isn't anyone else that I can think of that loves more unconditionally. Back in the days of high school when I would goof up or fall through a ceiling she was always there to lovingly support me and help me improve as a young man. Without a father at home for three years of my high school life was tough to say the least but I always had a best friend to hug me until I stopped crying and to tell me "everything was going to be alright." It wasn't just a phrase but it was a bearing of her testimony that in the end, if we keep on persevering, withstanding the trials in our life and continue to lose ourselves in serving other people, everything will be alright. I have a strong testimony of mothers, everyone. She is the real friend that sticks with you and helps you endure through your trials. They tell you "we do hard things" when all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch ESPN for the 3rd time over. When you receive a bad report card, she doesn't reprimand you but shares with you a scripture that would forever change your life. Ether 12:27 is my motto for just about everything. We have weaknesses in this life that teach us to be humble enough to learn how to transform them into strengths  She prepares you for battle like the Mothers of the Stripling Warriors. The battle of life. I feel  I am more prepared for the adversities that I will face on the mission and the life after the mission because of my incredible and humble mom. I have my priorities straight and a foundation she help me construct and improve. She stays up late with you when you want to show her the "cool" song you wrote on the guitar. Even when she has to teach seminary and wake up at 4:30 am. She also stays up late to wait until you come home after a late outing with your friends. She always wants to hear about the movie you just watched even if it's not her taste. She teaches you the value of saving your money for things that you will actually need and not just want. She enriches your day with Bach constantly flowing through your ears because of her awesome work ethic on the organ. Somethings of the loving things she does you don't notice throughout your day because she does them discreetly. The humility factor. She writes you every week to give you that extra boost for the upcoming week. She teaches you to invest your time in things that are worthwhile like education, friendship, music, integrity and honesty. She teaches you to always apologize even if you think you aren't wrong because you cherish a relationship more than your own ego. 
She doesn't toss your torn up gross red authentic Vans in the trash because she knows how much you cherish them and all of the experiences you lived in them.

 "OK, I'm off to get several bags of donations ready for Purple Heart.  No baseball cards, though.  Never those.  Not even your red Vans, although you know I would love to see those exit the building.  But I'm not that kind of mama.  :-)  I love you so much, Ian.  You are a wonderful person, a beautiful person with a glowing spirit and testimony and a heart full of love to share the all-important message that you are there to share.  I am, as always, your loving and proud mama."

There are several more things that I could write but to summarize it all, I love my Mom with all my heart. I am writing this letter to the people reading my blog, from Brazil, because of the love and guidance I received every day before I boarded the plane for this incredible life changing journey.
Love, Elder Forsyth
p.s. shout out to all the moms
My momma

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  1. love it. And I love that it says that she posted this post.

    You do have a great mom. Johnny says "hola"

  2. Hey Anna, it's up to me to post whatever he sends. Including that embarrassing picture. :-/ I do copy and paste all comments in my weekly email to him, so he will get your love and Johnny's hola.
    xoxoxo, Liz