Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hammocks, hats and happiness

Alright everyone,  this week was testimony boosting, spirit lifting, hard laughing, and baptism-inviting filled. Vamos la.

To start things off, I want to thank everyone who is praying for me and supporting me on my mission. There are times when I am walking down Eduardo Pinto da Rocha (our main retail street) and I can feel all of the hugs coming my way. Thank you all so so so much. I really am so grateful.

To answer the questions of momma...momma's questions...the Portuguese grammar slips into my English sometimes....We are still work monsters. We taught 22 lessons this week, have a baptism set up for the 31 of August right after our investigator's wedding. The baptism will be the climax of the wedding party. What do they call those? Ah yes, receptions. Slick idea by Elder Bastos to close the party off with a baptism. We are so excited for her and I will tell her story after the baptism! 

We have 2 other baptisms marked and ready to go but we are still praying and fasting for them and our abilities to help them prepare. We also found 13 new investigators and two families, which is huge change for Osternack. Work work work work. All this work being outside as the left of my face and  neck (the missionary collar tan) have gotten very dark. Brazilian like.

The language is coming along. I  can finally understand probably 90% of what people are saying and respond with thoughtful and slightly educated sounding things to say. The boost in my language skills has really been a blessing because I feel like I can relate with people more, share stories of home and principles of the gospel in more real manner. Before I think I sounded a little like a robot programmed to speak a phrase here or there with a robot accent. The accent is coming along, too! Everyone at home knows how much I love to mimic voices and speak different accents. Everyday I am listening super hard when I contact random people on the street, because everyone has a wild accent. Every accent is unique and sometimes you come across people who live in Uruguay. When you know Portuguese you can understand a Spanish speaker also. Daniel, get ready. 

We found a hammock in our residence that a missionary left here. Lounging with our Indiana Jones P-Day hat. 

and our ladybug friend we found in an abandoned tire

Also, I am gaining weight ...SO in the upcoming week i will be buying new slacks. It is a miracle. Brazil has done the trick that I was never able to accomplish in America. I started drinking a lot of milk. About 2 liters a day and I think that has been the game changer in my weight. 

Also for people that want to write me, I would love to see pictures of what everyone is up to! That means you Dallin:)

Time to head out. We are playing basquete with the district today. I'm excited. Next week I will post a picture of my shoes. They were black. Now brown. 

Love,  Elder Forsyth
stay sweet and send pictures

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