Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference and a dusting of snow

Lights, camera...

Action:  And here we have....Curitiba

Mother of Pearl where do I begin? Let's start here. The MTC is heaven on earth. Maybe a little smaller and more restricting, and heaven probably doesn't have foursquare or broken ankles in gym but you get the idea. It is such a special place during the holidays and General Conference. Every talk seems to to be about missionary work even though they aren't. I love how I am able to connect every talk to how I can further serve my companion, become more converted to gospel, or know how to utilize prayer more so I can know what my investigators need, etc. It is the greatest. I especially Loved Elder Bednar's talk about Chastity. We live in such a grayed-out world when it comes to morals and virtue. It seems like many people who aren't members just don't know where to draw the line and they forget about virtue. Bednar set the rules and made sure that he told the people of the world to set virtue as a thing to keep most precious. To all you young people from 8 to 82, make sure you heed his teachings. I know that if you do your lives will be so blessed and you will feel so squeaky clean all the time. Trust me it feels great. :) My second favorite was Tad R. Callister's talk about Deacons in the church. They have so much power to do good and I agree with brother Callister, they need to be pushed further. When I was a deacon's quorum president I am pretty sure I just coasted through the motions and didn't really understand the keys that I had. I wish I had prayed harder for those in my quorum and held more quorum activities outside of church. Unity is such a big part of everyone's life and everyone wants to have a family outside of their immediate family. The priesthood in a boy is as strong as the priesthood in a man as long as the power is used by worthy young men. His talk seriously made me want to be a deacon's quorum advisor when I get home. I love those guys and the sweet spirit they have. Let's raise the bar. :)

Mt. Timpanogos
I looked just like him right before I shaved my beard.  Representing the posterity of one of our beloved prophets, my g-g-g-g Grandfather, Brigham Young
By the way taking pictures of people sleeping in General Conference is hilarious. Mouths....wide....open. It was during Richard G. Scott's talk, after they announced and sustained all the new authorities. I have some of the greatest pictures. Those will have to wait until after the mission.

So P-days are the best. You can finally wind down from a really tiring week. And let me tell you, 6:30 to 10:30 straight is more tiring than it sounds. I love laundry. I know that sounds weird coming from a 19- year-old boy but laundry is my second favorite part of the day...besides going to the temple every Tuesday. I love that so much because everytime I go I try to answer a question and I just feel like I kinda get the whole concept more every time I serve the Lord. Anyways, laundry is muito chique (super tight). I get to chat with everyone in my zone, eat the cookies people send me and write letters home like this one. So bomb. Don't worry, I don't say so bomb...it is one of the many strange things mormon missionaries say to sound cool. It is absurd. But then again I say some weird things too, so to each his own. Be that as it may...i love laundry.

It snowed today and I love staring at Squaw Peak when there is snow on it. I am pretty sure the mountains are my favorite of all of God's creations. I just want to go run up them and breath in the fresh air...but I can't since the MTC is an island inside of an island called Provo. I love Squaw Peak. It is so majestic and beautiful. To all of my brothers...we are going to have the best Brothers Gone Wild when I get back. You can do whatever you want while I am gone but when I get back prepare for heli-skiing and more skiing. So, going along with the snow factor, President Hacking of the MTC granted all the elders the greatest gift. We don't have to wear jackets anymore unless it is a devotional or a district/zone meeting, including sacrament meeting. Right after that announcement, it snows and is 30 degrees. Clearly the Lord wants us to wear jackets so we look good. 

The game Ninja is still a thing even at the MTC. I thought it was a middle school/ efy/ youth conference 14-year-old game. I guess not. Maybe I am still as mature as a 14-year-old. It is the truth, you don't have to tell me...i've already accepted it. 

Everyone, please pray for more focus and humility (for me). I really feel like I can learn so much more. I know I can still muster more focus than I already have. I want to be able to go through the whole day without taking one 20 minute nap during my several scripture study sessions. I can feel all of your prayers and I can feel all your love. I am so extremely grateful for all of you. Stay sweet everyone. Elder Forsyth is out.......to fold his laundry. 


Elder I. J. Forsyth
(in case I ever become a general authority)
p.s. I love you mom. 
Provo Temple, Squaw Peak in background (before snow)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! And you DO look like your GGGG Grandfather! I can tell even if BY is hiding under his beard! ; )

    What loooong days! We will pray that the Lord will strengthen you. So glad that you love the MTC. I'm jealous that Liz has a son in the MTC and on a mission. It's the BEST!

  2. BGW 2015 FTW. I better start saving now if we're going heli-skiing.

    And if you're a general authority, you still have to spell out one of your first names, so I vote for Ian J. Forsyth, as opposed to I. James Forsyth.