Friday, April 26, 2013

Columbus Ohio Mission! (until the visa comes)

Note from the editor, i.e. the Mama:  Ian had told me in a separate email that he would be finding out where he was reassigned to serve while he waits for his visa and that he would be able to CALL HOME on either Wed or Thurs night to let me know where he was headed.  I was pretty excited about this. Well, no call on Wed. and no call last night either.  Here's the rest of the story:

So, first off my re-assignment is to the COLUMBUS, OHIO mission!! I am super excited. That mission has the city of Columbus and Cincinnati. Is that where the Falkes live? Maybe I can go to a Reds game per chance. The other really cool thing is that Elder Baird also got re-assigned there, too! It usually doesn't turn out that way. Generally you are split up from your MTC companion which would've stunk. Everyone else who got a re-assignment gets to call home except for those who are going to Ohio because we leave Wednesday and we have a p-day to email home (Tuesday). The system makes no sense. Either allow everyone to call home or everyone the ability to email home before they leave. I didn't have any of it so I went down to the Travel office and pleaded my case. Other missionaries in the past have been able to call home and that is the reason why I told you that I would be able to last night. Turns out we were not able to and I told them what was on my mind and they compromised and allowed me to email home right now so I could let you know. I also got the notice from the information desk that you called wondering why I hadn't called. The travel office is super mean about the itineraries of missionaries but the information desk people were very sweet and very apologetic. So that was a bummer yesterday because I really wanted to talk to you and it was tough to see other missionaries get to call home. They told me it wasn't right to tell you I could call home since I just heard that other missionaries were doing it. I basically told the woman in travel offices that I didn't hear but SAW all the other missionaries call home after they received their visas or reassignments. Even the ones who were able to call home and had a p-day before their departure. Let us just say we fought a battle with the travel office and there may have been casualties. But remember we are the ones who can still type this email to you....sup. I love you momma!! So so so so much. (the editor has removed some descriptive adjectives from the sentences ending in "reassignments" and "casualties.")
Also don't worry about my luggage weight. There are these things called free boxes in the bathrooms here and any items put in them are free to missionary treasure hunters. We have actually found alot of really cool things in them because missionaries don't have enough weight in their bags for everything. So every bag should be under 50 lds..... i mean lbs. missionary nerd status.

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