Monday, February 9, 2015

The white pictures I promised, and more

upper row:  Silvano,  Iolanda, Miriam, Elder Costa, Elder Lima, Elder C. Santos
lower row: Heber (Iolanda´s spouse), Brayan (it is spelled like that), Gabriel
I baptized Miriam and Iolanda

Hi everyone!

I got to interview a bunch of people this week for baptism and I've learned so much. There are so many people with so many types of cultural and family backgrounds that it would be impossible for a 21-year-old East Coast American kid to understand their struggles, problems and be able to provide the necessary spiritual support to follow Jesus Christ. Only through the Spirit of God is this truly possible. He knows every single one of us. Down to the core. And we must confide in him so that we may have the discernment to help others in need. I've interviewed a ton of Brasilians on the mission and it´s hard for me to remember all of their names, but the experiences that I have gained I have cherished. They will be with me and will remind me of the mission I served for the Lord until the end of my mortal life. 

I also love learning from 'out loud' prayers. Recently, I have been more tuned to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost as I listen to the prayers said by investigators, missionaries and members. The Lord is answering my prayers through the prayers of others. Now I know that each prayer is truly a fine communication with our Heavenly Father. Each prayer is something that must be listened to and pondered.

Double Rainbow

it rained so much that it punched a hole in the wall (jk)
a little too much rain


counsel not taken

the district
There's gonna be a rumble...a spiritual rumble...toni-i-ight!
Elder Forsyth

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