Monday, February 2, 2015

Brotherly love and Brasilian driving habits

From left to right:  Elder C. Santos, Elder Costa, Elder L. Morreira, Elder Tavares (remember him?), Elder De La Rosa, Elder Forsyth, Elder Lima

Happy Groundhog day everyone!

Next week I'll be sending some pretty white pictures. White clothing, not my nerdy white kid personality.

So, Elder De La Rosa was transferred to Irati. It is in the middle of nowhere. I went there one time during an exchange while I was serving in Prudentopolis. By the way, one of the Elders I trained is now the Branch President of the Irati Branch. That made me feel like a proud father :)

I have a new companion now: Elder Lima. He was the residential and referral secretary (at the mission headquarters) for a time about a year ago. He´s the 3rd ex-secretary that has been my comp. 

Teaching with the missionaries, Brasilian style,once again. We headed over to Contenda to visit our recent converts and they are still doing great. We helped them out by clarifying some laws and ordinances of the gospel and had an extremely powerful and brotherly-loving lesson. But the ride there and back was still wild. Brasilian gospel music blasting, three Brasilian brothers passing around the chimarrão and the three of us Elders in the back laughing because of their crazy comments. One of the hilarious comments was from our Ward Mission Leader. He was driving super fast on the highway with his F-1000 and was passing in between little Fiats yelling, "I'm in the hands of God, I am not afraid!" I think it would be funnier if you were there. One of those situations where you need to be part of the experience. 

I´m trying my best to work harder than I ever have on the mission and prepare everyone to be baptized. Now we have 7 baptismal dates -- some of them, with faith, will happen before I leave, some of them are set up for after my exit. 

It cooled down a little bit in Curitiba and I am hoping it stays like that because I've been sweating a huge amount. I've been eating a ton of chicken/ rice/ beans/ more fried food but I wasn't able to maintain the weight because all of the water in my system was coming out of me. Because of the cooler temperatures, I am gaining weight again. Pray for me so that I don't come home like a toothpick.  

It was so hot that my sweat wasn't even cooling me off. It was evaporating seconds later. Yeah, 42 degrees Celsius is pretty intense when you´re in dress clothes all day. 

Pictures are coming real quick. 

Elder Forsyth

stay sweet

p.s. If you ever come to Brasil, watch out for a unique animal they have. The Brasilian driver. It gets sketchy sometimes. I´ll leave the details for post-mission chats. There are a lot of things that I will need to describe that I can´t really post on the blog. Just ask me afterward and I'll let you in on the details.
our teaching get-away car, the F-1000

Elder De La Rosa heading towards inner Paraná

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