Tuesday, October 7, 2014

surprises and general conference

I could've sworn that President Thomas S. Monson was going to give us a mind-boggling shocker because everyone was preparing us by exhorting,  "FOLLOW THE PROPHET and SEEK FOR REVELATION and CONFIRMATIONS TO YOUR DAILY PRAYERS." When the prophet gave his main talk I was expecting something huge, show stopping and even hard to accept, but on the contrary. he spoke of the Lord´s example that we must follow. His gentleness was shown in the way he addressed the Lord´s people yesterday. That truly struck me - his gentleness and humility were apparent to my spirit because I felt the need to change.  While he spoke I sensed I needed to improve many attributes to be closer to the Savior.  Yesterday, so many general authorities praised President Monson for his service, kindness and obedience and I saw it in the way he spoke to us.  I have been praying to the Lord to orient me as I direct my zone to higher peaks and goals.  Now I know that I need to be like the prophet. Always following up with the lesser skilled/experienced missionaries and comforting them in hard and struggling times as the prophet comforts us. I must:

"Reach out in helpfulness....and try to do the right thing in all times and in all circumstances." --Thomas S. Monson

Jefferson and Jose Jefferson

Birthday surprise. We are reactivating Jefferson and on my birthday we went over to his house to follow up with some of the goals we set with him. Little did I know that he made me a cake and bought some soda to celebrate with his whole family and me. I went on splits with José Jefferson (other member) who was planning it with Jefferson. I will never forget Jefferson and his desire to talk to our bishop to clean up past mistakes. He is a man of simple understanding but his spirit is listening with ease as he puts away the carnal man. It was a fun and happy festa. 

Today we made some burritos with whole wheat tortillas, guacamole, onions, and diced up chicken breast. Elder Nixon and I were tearing it up in the the chapel´s kitchen. I have never made better food. I have to be honest - I only cut the ingredients. The ingredients were all chosen by Elder Nixon, so he was the true genius behind our cooking today. 
Three of my past companions plus my current companion (Elder Martins, Elder Costa, Elder Andrade, Elder Schirmer) 
District Meeting

Thoughts of a 21-year-old in Brasil 
- Accept trials. setbacks and surprises as normal things because millions of other people have the same difficulties. Why would I be the exception? I need to acknowledge my weaknesses but I cannot let them compromise me. 
-  It's hip to be square. 
-  What I eat is what I am. 
-  Be kind to everyone, friend or foe. 
-  Give everyone I love a little bit of my time. Ask people how they are doing. It can change someone's life. 
-  Being a good and healthy "different" in a rugged world takes courage. 
-  Who am I to judge others, when I have trouble overcoming my own problems? 
-  God won´t live our lives for us. We must live our lives for God. 
-  Just because you don't like the truth does not change the truth.  Because if you step off a cliff the law of gravity will get you....even if you don't believe in it.
-  We are all equals and because of this we must support others in our troubles. 
 - Time to go to work. 
Elder Forsyth  (more pictures below)
Old man Forsyth with his hot chocolate and magazine on his birthday
And as my favorite alter ego


  1. A very wise 21 year old, indeed. He sounds great. He looks great. Love all the great pictures showing how happy he is.

  2. He does look so happy, and sounds so mature. Love him to pieces.