Monday, October 20, 2014

Mostly horizontal this week

I love being a missionary and the chance I have to strengthen others in my zone. Transfers have come and gone and Elder Schirmer and I will stay together in Parque da Fonte. We've had a tough time getting people to accept baptismal dates. Every Sunday has been great with investigators attending sacrament meeting but helping people understand and commit to baptism is a struggle.

I was super sick this week so we couldn't contact many of our good investigators. But....yesterday we were shown a golden family that lives at the end of our area. They were invited to go to church by another ward´s bishop and THEY WENT. The elders from the São Marcos Ward were their guides during the Sunday meetings and grabbed their address, passed it to us after lunch, and we hauled ourselves over there. When we showed up it was raining super hard. The road that led to their house was unpaved so the dirt-covered road flooded and we had to tread through a little. When we clapped our hands the head of the household passed through the hung laundry and when he saw our faces he exclaimed, "Already? Wow that was so fast. What are you doing in the rain? Come on in!". They are a great family looking for a lot more direction after coming out of some really difficult times. 

p.s.  I hope I can get 100% better this week.  It was a bummer because I  was bed ridden and had a high fever that kept me home for 5 days.  I just worked for 2 days and I'm still feeling a little weak. 

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