Monday, April 14, 2014

Estação BATISMO!

This week was awesome. BATISMO! But I forgot my camera at home so next week you'll all get to see last Sunday´s baptism. We got to Estação, whitewash (starting from scratch or zero) because an elder had to go back home, and prayed and prayed that we could find someone searching for the restored gospel. When you pray really hard with vigor, the outcomes seem so easy as your give thanks to the Lord everyday for your blessings. 

A young man from the ward (Chris) has regularly been inviting his aunt over for the end of the week day and weekends. For a good time she never wanted to attend church with her nephew until our very first Sunday. Everything just turned out so right. Daiane tagged along with Chris and his friends and absolutely loved all three hours of church. Being new in the area,  I didn't know that she was a first time visitor but I felt the strong prompting to go and talk to the young men and women of the ward to get to know them. I slowly worked my way into the conversation until I caught everyone's attention and then asked the blunt (but useful) question, "who´s a member and who´s not?" Yup, the question worked out because, basically the whole group gave a quick head swing in Daiane´s general direction. THAT ONE'S NOT. Gotcha Daiane. 

From that moment till now she's a different person. Her parents sent her out to Araucaria to get some new friends and to find some direction in her life. At first she did not want to ask her parents because her father is a Baptist pastor. When she told her parents that she passed the baptismal interview, they shouted for joy over the phone and exclaimed that they had been praying so she could find a new life. They told her that their prayers were answered through Chris and the missionaries. She was baptized yesterday and received her Young Women's personal progress and new scriptures. da hora. She also commented that the prophet answered her prayers and on-going doubts. Chris´s mom was at the baptism as well and is now hearing the discussions. Families can be forever.....yesssssss.

Disclaimer: This baptism would not have happened if the members didn't invite their friends. To all of the members at home -- Please just invite your friends to church, it makes the work so much easier. (I almost wrote more easier, but Elder Torrescano from Washington caught me.....Portguês life) Oh yeah, these next 6 months you have to think of a family that you will invite to watch General Conference at the chapel. 

Oh, I forgot. Elder Torrescano from my MTC zone is my new companion. We are on fire. But I hurt my foot today so the walking might be a little slow. It's going to be a great transfer.  

Elder Forsyth 


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  2. Sorry... that was me commenting on my sister's account by accident! :-) Just wanted to say he sounds really good and like he's working hard. Thanks so much for sharing him, Liz!