Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year from Sitio

Elder Costa and Elder Forsyth

Transfers have passed this morning and Elder Andrade was transferred to the interior of Paraná. A place called Villa Bella (Beautiful Town) in the city of Guadapuava. They´re baptizing a bunch there. I hope the best for him there in the land of the Brasilian forest. I am still in Parigot de Souza with Elder Costa from the Amazons. I am liking the just Brasilian companion thing. I am able to work on my language skills more and also help Brasilians feel more comfortable around me. Elder Costa is from the north of Brasil, so that automatically makes him hilarious.  I grabbed a bus to the Pinherinho Terminal and without fail, there he was laughing up a storm cracking some jokes with some other elders. Elder Bastos is in the Luz Stake ("Light" stake). He is the only Zone Leader there and he will train an Americano greenie. He is super excited.
As for me I am doing well...sort of.  I feel a little sick.  I think it is because of the sun I am soaking in everyday. I need to grab some more sun block for this transfer. But it'll turn out all right. I´m still the District Leader here in Sitio Cercado and we got a bunch of powerful missionaries in our district and zone. I am really excited to go on some divisions. Osternack got two power missionaries - Elder Larson from Sacramento and Elder Tavares from Santos São Paulo.
What I would love from everyone back at home is prayers of heath. So that I can work with all of my might, mind, heart, and strength. I just want to hit the pavement running, talking to everyone.
New Year's was a blast and a half. It was super hard to sleep here in Sitio. Professional fireworks are completely legal for anyone to buy. You can imagine the loudness that went on from 11:00 night time to 3:00 in the morning. It was basically impossible to sleep peacefully. We all woke up after not being able to take it anymore and, like brothers, played some chess while drinking guaraná. It was a huge remembrance of playing Risk at home during new year and drinking apple cider.
Sitio Cercado
Everyone -  Let's work really hard to bring others to Christ. That means sacrificing. Christ sacrificed himself to bring redemption over sin and death. I think we can all work before play and sacrifice 2 minutes of our day to bear our testimony. I just wanna work really hard. But I need some prayers of heath and strength. 
Love, Elder Forsyth

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