Monday, October 14, 2013

Good Changes (which are also a little sad)

Changes and Transfers. I have been transferred back to my original district in Padego de Souza as a district leader and trainer. This will be extremely interesting as I feel I am not prepared for this at all. But here we go. Whether I feel prepared or not, the Lord will provide. I need to think like that...right? I don't know, all I know is that it will be a white wash (for those who are not or were not missionaries, white wash means 2 new missionaries in one new area and they need to fend for themselves to pick up where the other missionaries left off). I am super excited to return to Sitio Cercado where I was "born" and help the people there again. They are such a great people. I'll also get to say hello to all my beloved members in Osternack when the missionaries need investigator interviews or we are on splits! I am sooooo excited. I miss those members. I don't know who my new companion is but I think he is Brasileiro because of the name....Biszatch...something like that. There is a conglomerate of Polish and German people that reside in Rio Grande do Sol where Ross Pagotto served so maybe he'll have European decent.  I don't know why i am trying to figure out his descent, it really doesn't make a difference....but all in all I am pumped to train. 

This has been little bit of a sad process, too. Elder Lima Silva and I have left 6 souls that will be baptized this next month. We were in shock when we heard that both of us were being transferred. The Lord has a plan for these people to be baptized with or without us. We just need to keep looking forward to our new purpose. I am a little nervous for the great responsibility that has been placed upon me but I pray that I can continue being the same Elder "Ian" loving others through the message of the restored gospel. The past week we have been visiting all of our progressing investigators helping them approach closer and closer to the waters of baptism. It was a lot of bus rides, dirty cuffed slacks, happy tears, and a lot of smiles. Dirty cuffed slacks, happy tears, and smiles is what I try to do best. You know me. 

So today I have to head up to center Curitiba to receive a training session on how to become an effective district leader, How to conduct interviews, and how to train the fresh missionaries. It will be a good day. I am hanging loose with Elder Herrera for the time being writing this email and buying snacks for Elder....Biznatch....Bisnootch.  I promise I will have a biography about his life next week with the correct name. I already love the elder. 

Here is a great scripture I love sharing with members who are just cruising along and not sharing the gospel to their fullest capacity. The gospel is simple, lovable and easy. So be wise and share it. Simple things come from God. Remember that. 
11 O then, my beloved brethren, repent ye, and enter in at the strait gate and continue in the way which is narrow, until ye shall obtain eternal life.

12 O be wise; what can I say more?
(verse 12 always makes me laugh.) 

Enos 1:1-12- The difference between Repentance (v. 1-8) and Sanctification (v. 9-12). For me repentance is abandoning error and sin by way of the merciful atonement of Christ. But what is sanctification? For me it is the removal of human desires by way of the grace of God. Action. Grace for me is the power of God to raise you to higher planes after all that you can do. It is necessary. We cannot overcome the natural man alone. We need some fire to purify and sanctify our impurities. I want your responses, too! 

tempo dos fotos. 
With much love and all the rice and beans that have been ingrained into my system,
Elder Forsyth
p.s. Stay sweet

Diego and Kaoana. They are preparing for marriage and Kaoana will be baptized. Diego is a member that is returning back to the church. The
 topic of eternal marriage always is brought up. When we asked what his the 
greatest moment that he remembers as a member of the church, he responded "my family
 sealing in the temple is what I cherish most." Bam. right to the heart. 
Vanessa (Mom with baby: Johanne) Lais the teenager girl 13 years old, and Tiago, 14 years old. They have a super strong testimony of the gospel and will be baptized. I am so excited for them. They have been progressing so well and we are all great friends now.
Where is the incredible hulk toy in this photo?

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