Monday, September 2, 2013


Vanessa Dos Santos baptism


I am in a different city now. FAZENDA RIO GRANDE. It is the next closest city to Curitiba. It has a lot of industry and open land. 

New Companion:  Elder Lima Silva

To start things off, I am really jealous of my mother at this moment. Because now I am the only member of my family who has not attended a John Mayer Concert. I've watched the same dvd over and over again but I don't think it gives the John Mayer "live" experience justice. Jealous. But I have great news! BATISMO! Elder Bastos on our last Saturday and Sunday in Osternack performed the baptism and confirmation of Vanessa Dos Santos! It was a great experience to be a part of. Perfect way to end a transfer. She is a dear friend of ours and it was tough to leave Osternack. Their family is now progressing to be sealed in the Temple. I really hope that I am still on the mission so that I can attend the sealing. Should be at least one year in the future.
Osternack was an awesome area to serve in. A bunch of great people to teach and I think Elder Bastos and I left it in good shape. We were both wondering how the two new missionaries will orient themselves. My concern is, once they leave the ônibus, how will they find the missionary house?   It'll be interesting for sure. We left them some good notes, numbers to call if they need some navigation tips, and some Nutella to snack on when they feel lost.

"Cara, sendo cortado por nossos pesquisadores è mais dificil do que terminando com uma namorada"
"Dude,  being cut by out investigators is more difficult than breaking up with a girlfriend." 
-- Elder Bastos.  I had a moment to laugh in the middle of street, but it is true. This love in the mission field is the love of Christ. Charity = Pure Religion.
It's the truth. We go to serve for two years to help people come closer to Christ and we love them unconditionally. When they don't accept it after a lot of teaching... it breaks your heart. We had an investigator who was really excited to learn more about the gospel, overcome her addiction to cigarettes, and be baptized, but last week she cut us off.  It is a shock, but you've got to keep on finding new people to teach! A phrase that I will never forget from my mission is what one investigator told me right before Elder Bastos and I left Osternack. She is going through a really difficult time with overcoming an addiction along with family issues. She told us, "When you told me that you boys were leaving I felt more pain than when my mother died!" Truly the work that we carry out is the work of the Lord. We are only here to help people and when we do our job with the Spirit, the Lord does the rest. When you pray really hard to let the love of Christ shine through you towards your works. I know that it wasn't really us she would be missing, but it was the spirit that accompanied every lesson we had with her. But not to worry -- there will be two fresh new missionaries to continue helping with her progression. She will be baptized this month. Woo!!! 

I'm stoked to see what Rio Iguaçu (pronunciation in English -- Hio E-gua-soo) will bring. The Elders before me already had a baptism lined up, so we are starting off well! Elder Lima Silva is from the nordeste. Rio Grande do Norte. Here are some pictures of the members of Osternack. 
The one in the soccer jersey is our ward mission leader, Henrique.

Good bye to Osternack

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