Monday, September 30, 2013

So long, youth

Boa Tarde.

Aaaaannnndd I´m 20.....tomorrow. What happened? I don't know. Tell me.  Yesterday I was a teenager and now I am in the 20's. Nossa! (My goodness here in the b-r-a-s-i-l). In commemoration of my birthday we shaved my head last week so that I could feel a little like my 5th grade self all over again. 10 years ago. Nossa de novo (My goodness again). Elder Lima from Forteleza performed the hair cut. It has been a bit of a change for me. When Elder Lima Silva (my companion) and I are walking down the street and I see myself in a car window I jump back a little. I have gotten used to it in the past 7 days, but is still a shock. Today, for a little bit of time our lan house (that we usually use to email home and president) was out of order so we went for a stroll in the central part of The Fazenda. We came across some kites (pipas) and we had to buy some. I think my birthday has been centered around the theme of "childhood". It's all good because today we are are going to have a churrasco (BBQ) and fly kites. 

No quarter life crisis, but I did decide to buzz my head for my 20th
I have felt all of the love from the email birthday wishes.Thank you!  I even received one from my orthodontist. Thank you Anne O´Day and team! 

Os aconticementos da semana.
The ELDER LIMA SILVA contact baptismal invite. Extra, extra read all about it now! Just look, just look we have a prophet! Olha só Olha só, nós temos um profeta! It is extremely funny but immensely powerful when we do it just right. We have been carrying a General Conference Liahona  with President Thomas S. Monson on the cover. One of the greatest moments that I have experienced on my mission is when someone realizes the necessity for a prophet. When you read the words of the prophet for people on the street their ears perk up a little. Placing his picture in their hand is a great time for people to think. They always say that they have never seen this man before. "Where can we find him and talk to him?" Well, guess what? You can see him on the big screen. This next week we are allowing the prophet to do all the converting for our investigators. I am so excited to hear the words of God through the mouth of a living prophet. Oh yeah, if you want to know if there really is a prophet called of God, just grab your nearest Book of Mormon, Read, reflect and pray about it. 

Feeling sad? "Lift up your heads" - Mosiah 7:19 and Moroni 7:45-48.

Elder Lima with "Stomps," the stuffed animal dinosaur that mom sent me. 

Extra, extra!

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