Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, Part One: From an Ohio Mom

(Ed. note: I received this nice email from Nikki Garrick yesterday, complete with pictures! You may have to scroll to the left and right to see the whole picture. Part 2 will be Elder Forsyth's email received today.  Thank you so much, Nikki!)

It was quite exciting that Linda accepted challenge to be baptized.  She will be only the 2nd convert baptism in the nearly 4 year history of this ward. She has been attending Early Morning Seminary at our house all school year as a friend of my daughter and another girl in the ward.  Anyhow, apparently someone just needed to ask her the question! They did and she said yes! Baptism date is set for June 30th.  Sadly your son will be off on a whole new adventure by then.  (We joked that he should call and ask for his flight to be rescheduled until then or at least so he can get to the Mormon Tab Choir concert!)

Our lesson with them and Linda this week was about the Plan of Salvation.  I was very touched by the story of Elder Forsyth's father passing away.  His absolute knowledge of the Plan came through and the Spirit bore testimony of the truth of his words. So grateful that tender mercies come out of tragedies to bring comfort. My husbands father passed away 18 years ago while serving as Stake President and we understand the comfort only the gospel can bring. 

As much of the Spirit these Elders bring, they also bring a lot of fun and laughter!  Fun/ cool missionaries sure make serving a mission look fun to my kids (especially to my 2 boys!) and I appreciate that as a mom!  My teenage daughters were so happy to find musical theater fans in your son and Elder Twogood. Lots of fun at the dinner table talking about everyone's passion for music and musicals! :).

By the way- fabulous Sunday today with Elder L. Tom Perry in town and choosing our stake for a special stake conference!  We all got to shake his hand. :). 

Ok, if I keep this up, your son will have no new news to share if he calls during his layover tomorrow! :). I'll include the picture of the 3 Elders with Linda (16) and one with my daughters Jillie (16, in shorts) and Reagan (15, in orange pants).  Sorry they were taken in the garage... It was raining outside.

Take care! 

Jillie, Elder Twogood, Linda, Elder Forsyth, Elder Culler, Reagan

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