Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, Part 2: Dear America

This is Chris Taylor!  He is a stud and his testimony is so strong.  I love just speaking with him and feeling the light he has. :-)

Dear America,

I'm feels extremely strange. Well as many of you know and for those who do not know...I GOT MY VISA and I am leaving today!! I have to keep this one short though because today is not our p-day since it is transfer weekend.

Things I am scared about:
-a four hour layover in Sao Paulo. visa picture looks like i am a Russian spy once again. I swear I am a really happy person except for when I am taking passport pictures. I just really want to be jason bourne, okay?! The picture really does look un-trustworthy. I don't think the Brasilians will mind, though.
- crazy Brasilian food.
- Portuguese as a whole.
I have finally felt comfortable with English, now I have to switch over to Portuguese again. Here we go!

GOOD NEWS! Linda who I spoke about before is on date for baptism on June 30th! It was truly a miracle how we were able to be in the right place at the right time. Everything has lined up. She has spoken with the bishop, graduated from a year of seminary, has attended church several times and has friends in the ward! We we extended the baptismal invitation, she told us she was so ready and it was something that she had wanted for a while. She also told us that she has felt the blessings of happiness as she has been on the path towards coming closer to Christ. So great! The Garricks invited her over for dinner and the whole time we were in their home whether it was eating, joking, or teaching, the spirit told all three of us companions that Linda has been waiting to be baptized for a verrrry long time and she is ready to make the commitment with our Heavenly Father. Before we went to dinner, Elder Twogood, Culler and I sat down on a park bench, read our scriptures and prayed for inspiration on what Linda needed to hear. We came up with a Restoration/ Prophet -emphasized hybrid lesson plan. It sounds kinda nuts but it really worked! Linda was really excited that an apostle of the Lord who is set apart as a prophet was coming to our stake for a special stake conference. The funny part is, we were walking home on a barren road and offered up a prayer of gratitude to the Lord for guiding us to her. As we finished our prayer we got off our knees and there was Linda driving past us in her white Honda pilot smiling at us. It was probably a strange sight to see three well dressed young men kneeling in the dirt but I think she knew why we were doing it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you! Elder L. Tom Perry set up a surprise stake conference 2 weeks ago and yesterday we had the opportunity to listen to his words and feel of the love that he has for us. He served his mission in Columbus and ever since has had a very special place for The Ohio in his heart. He is so funny, too! He is seriously a giant and is a goofy, hilarious man. The best part was we got to shake his hand and meet him. You could tell he was so tired from all of the traveling but man he was sharp when he spoke. I love our apostles and am so excited now for next General Conference...which I will be watching in Brasil...woah.

Alright, I am off to Brasil. The land of guadana (mom you are going to need to spell check that), (Hikari thanks for this!:  I believe the word Ian was going for is Guarana. It is pronounced the way he spelled it though. ( It's a berry, but it pretty much one of the most popular drinks in Brasil. Since drinking the water isn't recommended, missionaries drank a lot of soda. And by soda, I mean A LOT of Guarana. It's delicious!, 

soccer-aholics, funny people, catholics, and sometimes naked people. Maybe not in Curitiba but I guess I'll see...well not look but you know what I mean....find out. Well this is awkward, but I what I want you to know is that I really do appreciate your prayers and I have learned so much here in Ohio. I am so grateful for the members here and my two fine companions. Viva la Brasil!

Love, Elder Forsyth

p.s. stay sweet

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