Monday, July 28, 2014

Get Happier!

Woo hoo, go Mom!  I remember Dan really well. I also remember heading over there a bunch and Dad would chat with him while I sat in the car listening to Dad´s jazz or some new John Mayer CD. 

Dad would always take the time to chat with the people he came in contact with. After my mission I want to be the same way. Chatting my way around so that everyone can have an opportunity to feel the spirit. Whether it be in a simple or lengthy way, it doesn't matter. Something that I have learned, slowly but surely, is that our behavior shines brightly or dims itself. Our daily attitude and actions must be reverent. I have learned that through my actions I show my love to the Savior because as His representative I have the privilege to speak and act in His name, as if he were truly here ministering amongst the people. Dad ministered well throughout his life and always knew that people were watching all of his steps. I noticed that in high school. I would tell people that I was a member of the church and it seemed like more eyes were on me. More eyes waiting to see a mistake. For sure many people saw me mess up but I have now learned that my purpose is to spread the light of the gospel for all people. At the beginning of the mission I thought that meant I was supposed to talk to everyone I saw. We all know that is impossible. So I decided to show my testimony of Jesus Christ through my actions. 

NEWS! I got trasferred and am now a zone leader in São José dos Pinhais. The Afonso Pena ward. I'm with my 4th gringo companion, Elder House. He´s from Portland and served as the mission´s executive secretary for 9 months before he was called as a zone leader here. So he has a ton of experience that I am excited to soak in and learn from. The last time I had a companion that was older than me on the mission was my trainer, Elder Bastos. So it's a good breath of fresh air to once again be a junior! This is Elder House´s last transfer as well so I'll be "killing him" (sending him back home after his 2 years are up) in 6 weeks. 

I don't have my memory card with me so I won't be able to send any sweet pictures.  We did have a stake activity at the 5th ward. The last stake where I served, the High Council seriously knew how to work well with the missionaries in bringing people to church. We were able to bring a young woman preparing to be baptized (Marielle) and her parents that we recently started to teach, to the activity. It was pioneer-themed so it helped all the investigators understand where the Mormon roots come from. 

In Elder's Quorum we talked about 'the costs of discipleship' from Elder Jefferey R. Holland´s talk from the last General Conference. The basis of the message helped me understand that we only progress if we work. We only obtain blessings if we sacrifice our time and serve other people. Service really does give us the spiritual edge that we need to cut through daily temptation. I always get happier when I sit down with someone that I have never seen in my life and share the most precious principles that have changed my life in a 5-40 minute conversation. 

"It is up to each of us who hold the priesthood of God to discipline ourselves so that we stand above the ways of the world. It is essential that we be honorable and decent men. Our actions must be above reproach."   President Thomas Monson 

(watch the video below for a great illustration of the priesthood in a young man, growing to an older man's, life):

Elder Forsyth


  1. Love what Ian said about Mark. That's how I remember him too. It's wonderful that Ian had such a great dad and example in Mark. I was just reading Elder Holland's talk yesterday. Such a great one! Sounds like Ian is in great spirits, as usual!

  2. He still sounds and looks great! I, too, love what he shared about Mark. Definitely true!