Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Winter here, Summer there

More mustaches
   Hello Everyone!
I am doing great, feeling good, the language is still growing strong and my skin tone is coming back to the placid white tone. This winter hasn´t been too hard, but when we wake up my push-ups and sit-ups have to be done with a huge blanket wrapped around me tightly to cover myself from the freezing breezes. Burrito pushups. They don't have insulation as a wall construction option. Even if you are super rich the walls are still the same. I'm not sure if they don't know how to put it in the wall, if they don't have the materials in the area, if it's a laziness issue, or they just don't do it because they don't want to. It got down to -1C a couple of days ago and it was not pleasant to walk around. When it rains the temperature rises because of the humidity. The air gets pretty humid so that helps a little bit. I need to buy more shoes; but this time shoes that are going to be durable and comfortable. The pair that I got 3-4 months ago are still holding up but I am feeling that they won't last too much longer. They are super comfortable to walk in but they weren't made for long distance walking.

I am incredibly jealous of the family reunion at the lake. If I were the photographer I would start to cry tears of pleasure because of the beauty and style of my rad family. Para-béns pra vocês. No, but seriously here is the compliment list:

Mom - looks likes she's 35
Andrea - I dig the short haircut
Jonathan - holding strong with the hair line. I have a greater receeding hair line than he does. And more white hairs too. #fighterpilotsmile

Eric - jeans and flip-flops. Hipster/ Jason Mraz hair. Killer flannel
Jaime -I see the water camoflauge look. Really, the dress caught my eye. You officially made blue my favorite color
Daniel - Bear Grylls/ Lands End model
Franscesca - you need to have your own cooking show. Movie star mom
the boys - keep staying radical and animated
the girls - don't be like the boys. stay chubby 


New house that we rented. and we have another companionship!! Elder Tavares and Elder Lee. I was already Elder Tavares DL so I've been on exchanges with him a couple of times. His last area was Osternack and we hung out there for 6 months.

Signing off with a Brasilian sunset

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