Monday, May 12, 2014

Happiness is...

 Mother´s Day was a real treat. It was so fun and gratifying to talk to my familia over the weekend. I really felt their support and love for me as they told me I had a little accent (well, actually I think it was just Francesca that said that). But I really felt the power of eternal families as we laughed, joked, told each other uzi stories, and talked about our spiritual progression. 

This week I have a strengthened testimony about both the physical and spiritual challenges that face us. This is the 3rd time on my mission where I have been thrown into a new area without phone minutes and not much in the area book to direct us where to go, who to teach, or which members to talk to. Back when I was a little younger on the mission, I didn't really understand and got frustrated when something hard was thrown at me. A tough companion, new area, rocks, etc. This week the challenge was the sad vibes we felt from many people that we visited, investigators and members alike. Just sadness in general. I have a new perspective of my calling as a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ. We went on splits with the Stake President and he told us that we have "...been called to serve in the ward that needs the most help in the stake, and they NEED us." In that moment my head went down a little in humility and when my chin hit my chest (actually my neck because it's so stinkin long), I saw my name tag. What an important calling I hold. I thought to myself, what would Christ say to these people? Not what would he do, but what would he say and how would he help the spiritual growth of this ward? I am literally His representative. The Lord has confided in me so much and I cannot let Him down. Now, and after the mission. The mission is like a life class that you take. And it is possible to fail. There are many missionaries that go home spiritually weaker that when they came. So, as a servant of the Lord I need your prayers so that I can be the best that I can and invite ALL to come unto Christ. I thank all of you for your humble prayers -- I feel them with every step I take. It's a great support that I will never take for granted. 

This week has been full of "old investigator" seeking. We have found some incredible people along the way. We´re going to teach a "pastora" -- a woman pastor. A ward member invited her over tonight for family home evening. We called her to confirm tonight's appointment and she told us that she is so excited to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She watched The Other Side of Heaven 10 years ago and felt something when the main character is reading The Book of Mormon. Please pray for us so that we can teach her the true gospel of Christ with clarity so she can understand and be baptized. She seems like a wonderful woman who is animated. 

Also, please pray specifically for Eliane. And also pray for Marielle -- she has a baptismal date.

Elder Forsyth

p.s. Children do amazing things when trusted. Think about it. 

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