Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas time is here - happiness and cheer!

Screenshot of Christmas Day Google hangout with the family
Christmas plank

Alrighty everyone.

NATAL!  (Elder Forsyth screaming 'Christmas!' in Português)

We have bed bugs for Christmas yaaaayy! No, but really we have bed bugs. This week I will be hunting for a device that sprays a gas throughout the whole house and kills all of the harmful insects and germs. The President's wife recommended a kind of anti bug spray that you leave in your house for 8 hours. You leave while it explodes and sprays. I'm excited to test it out. 

Christmas Conference. Conferência de Natal.

It was super great. super dooper. It was a great opportunity to trade some ideas with some missionaries I haven't seen in a while, get pumped about missionary work again and receive some "harsh encouragement" from president. Man, he burned us....with so much love. 

In the Christmas season we need to remember our Savior Jesus Christ a little bit more than our gift wrapping skills. Alma 7 is a awesome chapter to feast on

Last Sunday, or yesterday, was pretty busy for us. We recieved a new missionary in our trio. Elder Martins was transfered to São Jose Dos Pinhais and Elder Andrade arrived. Transferencia have been all over the place the past couple of weeks. Many instant revelations from President.   Elder Andrade is from Sergibe. Woo-hoo, another Nordestino. I will send some fotos of him in the upcoming week. Same height as me and skinny. It is like another Elder Forsyth from the Nordeste. He is super funny and ready to work super hard. He has 4 months on the mission and he too started it all in the promised land of Osternack.  There will be a lot of pictures from the Christmas Conference. I want to save some stuff for the Christmas call. It will be super funny because I can't speak English and I sound a little Brasilian. Well I hope I sound Brasilian.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  And oh, I received a dear elder. and a letter from Eric. The packages have come. AND I RECEIVED THE LETTER and CANDY FROM DALENE!! THANK YOU DALENE!

Posterity picture:  Elders Souza, Bastos, Forsyth, Pesantes

Elder Lima from ceara forteleza. Funniest man I know. I love him a bunch
Elder Forsyth
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  1. I just know you all had an amazing time talking to Elder Forsyth yesterday! Merry Christmas!

    1. It was a great time. And I was so happy to get this email on Monday saying that he got your package! Whew.